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1/4 Mile Hand Crank Plastic Siren
Item# 550801

People respond to the sound of a siren. Now you can get someone's attention in a hurry with this hand crank siren. It may look small but don't be fooled — this powerful tool emits a 110dB signal that is audible up to 1/4 mile away, making it a great choice for schools, golf courses or calling in the cowboys for chow time. Manual operation; doesn’t require electricity to operate. Made of plastic. 5 3/4in.L x 5in.W x 5 3/8in.D; includes handle and carrying case. Item is factory shipped.

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1/2 Mile Hand Crank Siren
Item# 550802

If you need to get someone's attention from a long distance away, this is the tool to choose. This hand crank siren emits a powerful 120dB wail that is audible up to 1/2 mile away. Since it is manually operated you won’t need a power source, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities in remote locations. 15in.L x 12 3/4in.W x 17 3/4in.H; includes stand. Item is factory shipped.

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Guard Alaska Bear Deterrent Keeps the Bruins at Bay
Item# 162805

When you're out communing with Nature, it's quite possible to have a Close Encounter of the Bear Kind. That's an experience well worth avoiding, so having a canister of this Guard Alaska Bear Deterrent is a highly worthwhile investment. This potent spray is specifically designed to keep these big, powerful and unpredictable beasts from being a nuisance or worse, making you a morsel. It's strong enough to stop a bear in its tracks, making it a great idea for your next hike or campout. 9-oz. container; holster (Item# 162801) also available.

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Mesa Gun Safe — 14 Gun Capacity, 7.9 Cu. Ft., Electronic Lock, Model# MBF5922E
Item# 178108

It is important to take the proper safety measures to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you while using and storing firearms. With so much at stake, the obvious choice is the right choice; made with all steel construction, the Mesa Gun Safe line will protect your guns, and keep accidents from terrorizing your life. 14-gun capacity. Fully adjustable shelves. Hammered Gray finish.

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Master Lock Set Your Own Password Plus Combo Lock
Item# 971816

Since it's good to have options, this Set Your Own Password Plus™ combo lock lets you pick your own combination using letters, numbers and symbols. With 2 1/2in.W strong metal construction and a hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance, you'll have the lock you need to keep the bad guys at bay. In Red, Blue, Black, or White; we will choose color for you. Limited lifetime warranty.

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Deluxe Security System with Emergency Dialer
Item# 164287

You'll feel more secure with this comprehensive wireless security system that can be installed in minutes. It's designed for a medium-sized house and can be expanded for businesses, offices and more. Rolling code technology for more security and fewer false alarms. Emergency dialer acts as monitoring center without costly monthly charges. Control panel can control up to 30 different sensors (sold separately). When triggered, a siren will sound and a signal will be sent to wireless dialer to call up to 9 preprogrammed phone or pager numbers and play prerecorded message. The easy-to-install kit includes control panel, motion sensor, 2 door/window sensors, keychain transmitter, emergency dialer, 2 AC adapters, batteries and phone line.

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Door/Window Sensor for Security System
Item# 164292

Works with Skylink security system, Item# 164287. Add to your system with this sensor, which protects doors and windows by sending signal to control panel or emergency dialer (sold separately) when contact is broken. Up to 100-ft. range. Includes battery.

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Motion Sensor
Item# 164284

This motion sensor protects your home by detecting movement inside house, or use it to monitor your front or back yard and driveway, too. Monitors an area up to 40 feet by an arc of 110°. Works with Skylink security system, Item# 164287. Low battery indicator. FCC/IC approved. Easy to set up with mounting bracket. Includes 9V battery.

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Chamberlain Wireless Pedestrian & Vehicle Alert System
Item# 333182

State-of-the-art Chamberlain Wireless Pedestrian & Vehicle Alert System features adjustable infrared sensors that transmit signals up to a half mile to the receiver, and detect motion up to 30 feet away! Perfect for private roads, long driveways or an extra sense of security around garages, decks, patios, businesses, storefronts, entryways and outbuildings. Sensor/transmitters are rugged and weatherproof. Easy to install, no wiring required. Meets or exceeds all federal regulations. Easily expands to work with up to 4 transmitters, or run two or more complete systems to monitor 8 or more areas at once. Set includes one receiver and one transmitter. Runs up to 12 months on one set of 4 AA batteries (not included).

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Additional Transmitter for Chamberlain Wireless Alert System
Item# 333183

Expand your Wireless Alert System with additional transmitters (use up to four with one receiver). Receiver distinguishes each transmitter with a different tone, so you know which area has someone slinking around your property. For use with Item# 333182.

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Skylink Security System Kit — Do It Yourself
Item# 164286

This DIY wireless security system is easy to install and ready to use. It is a 4-zone system is designed for houses up to 3000 sq. ft., plus apartments, condos, offices and businesses. Uses rolling code technology for maximum security and fewer false alarms. Emits a piercing 110dB siren. Up to 100ft. range. Lighted keypad with chime, instant and delay modes. Low battery indicator. Can be customized to fit individual needs. Includes control panel, motion sensor, 2 door/window contact sensors, keychain transmitter, AC adapter, batteries and mounting hardware.

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Mantel Gun Clock
Item# 19481

Hickory dickory dock, this clock could hide a Glock. That's not how the nursery rhyme usually goes, but the world is not Mother Goose, so this unique clock could be the key to a happy ending. It looks and works like a classic mantel clock, but don't be fooled, for this clock also features a hidden storage compartment that lets you conceal valuables, a weapon and more. Clock features a quartz movement and runs on 1 AA battery (included). Overall dimensions are 14 9/16in.W x 4 3/8in.D x 7 7/8in.H.

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Packin' Tee White T-Shirt — 2XL, Model# 19554
Item# 195542XL

Feel free to exercise your Second Amendment rights! Now you can conceal and carry your trusty handgun without the restricting discomfort of a typical holster. The Packin' Tee T-shirt uses a heavy-duty hook-and-loop fastening system with attachment strips on both sides of the shirt, coupled with your choice of small or large black holster (right- or left-handed, sold separately), to secure the pistol at your side. Right-handed small holster is Item# 23590; left-handed small holster is Item# 23449, right-handed large holster is Item# 23447; left-handed large holster is Item# 23448. Order by the hand that you draw with (using cross draw). No need to wear jackets or bulky outerwear to conceal your weapon. This extra-long T-shirt is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton with reinforced mounting pads, shoulder and arm holes to prevent sagging. Order compression fit for gun's stability.

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1,000,000 Volt PSP Stun Gun Cane with Flashlight
Item# 23678

They say it's no world for old men. This Zap Cane™ will change that perception. Use it to steady yourself, light your way and be ready to protect yourself if needed. Walking cane can deliver one million volts to stun the bad guys until the police arrive. Has built-in ultra-bright LED flashlight, too. Puts out a menacing zapping sound when stun mode is activated. Cane has 250-lb. weight capacity and adjusts in length from 32in.–36in. Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery. Includes wall charger and carrying case. Check your state and local laws in regard to possession and/or use of stun guns before ordering.

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350,000 Volt Stun Gun
Item# 23645

This diminutive stun gun is a mere 3 1/2in. x 2 1/8in. x 7/8in. and only 3 oz., but will floor an attacker with an immobilizing 350,000 Volt zap in just a half-second. Extreme high-voltage powerful stun gun comes in a palm-sized package. Uses just 3 lithium CR123 batteries (included). Easy, safe to use, with on/off switch, safety button and LED indicator. Comfortable rubber-coated contour grip. Includes nylon holster. Check your state and local laws in regard to possession and/or use of stun guns before ordering.

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PS Products 1,000,000 Volt Stun Gun Flashlight
Item# 23680

Dark parking lots will feel much less threatening with this powerful stun gun flashlight in your hand. You can walk with confidence, knowing you have a million volts to stun any attackers, plus an ultra-bright LED flashlight to brighten your way. Perfect for hunting and camping, too. Includes a wrist strap for added security, Ni-MH rechargeable battery, 120V wall charger and sturdy nylon case with belt clip. Check your state and local laws in regard to possession and/or use of stun guns before ordering.

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Hidden Camera With SD Recording
Item# 24825

It looks like a simple, innocent motion sensor, but this covert DVR system works wirelessly and tirelessly to monitor your business or home, 24/7. Unit conceals a DVR and pinhole camera that records up to 45 days of high-quality MPEG-4 video on the included 2GB SD card. Offers a live view mode via your TV or the SD card can be removed to archive and review on your computer. Camera and DVR can run wirelessly on AA batteries or with included AC power adapter for long-term use. Also includes RCA video wire and mounting bracket. Easy to install and operate.

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Alarm Clock Camera with SD Recording
Item# 24826

James Bond would surely appreciate this hidden camera and DVR, disguised as a standard LCD alarm clock. Covert security system lets you monitor what is important to you while remaining discreet. Captures over 40 days of high-quality video without anyone being the wiser. Easy-to-use system is ideal for monitoring your office, nanny, employees and valuables. Just place the alarm clock on any desk or cabinet and you will be able to record video completely undetected. A built-in motion sensor helps conserve SD card space by only triggering a recording when movement is detected. Plus, the unit works as a fully functioning alarm clock. Comes with a 2 GB SD card, RCA video wire and power adapter.

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Motion Simulated Security Camera
Item# 24545

The automatic 45° left/right camera rotation provides a suitable deterrent without the high cost of an actual monitoring system. Bad guys see the camera move and move on. Rugged simulated security camera is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Blinking LED camera with silver finish; mounting hardware is included. Operates using 3 AA batteries (not included).

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950,000 Volt Blast Knuckle Stun Gun
Item# 26931

Personal protection matters, but it's not always practical to fish out a stun gun from a backpack or handbag, especially if a potential attacker is getting up close and personal. You can wear the Blast Knuckle Stun Gun on your hand like a pair of brass knuckles, and with a simple push of the trigger you will deliver 950,000 volts of bad guy-stopping power. The rubber-coated design includes a contour grip for full control and a separate safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. Includes batteries and carry case. Check your state and local laws in regard to possession and/or use of stun guns before ordering.

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Master Lock Wall Mount Key Storage Device
Item# 178549

Are you still hiding your keys under the mat or in the bushes? Let this Master Lock Wall Mount Key Storage device keep those keys secure and easy to access. A large storage compartment holds up to 6 keys. The 4-dial resettable combination provides set-your-own combination convenience. A weather-resistant body is reinforced for maximum security. Includes mounting hardware. Dimensions are 4 5/8in.L x 3 7/8in.W x 1 7/16in. U.S.A.

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Defender Wireless Surveillance System — With 7in. LCD Monitor
Item# 24805

This Defender Wireless Surveillance System is just what you want for serious surveillance of a critical location. Setup is swift and surveillance is vivid. If necessary, you'll be able to initiate action from a distance. An amazing turnkey security system, it uses digital wireless technology to automatically connect in seconds, so you can immediately watch and record crystal-clear video and audio in any indoor or outdoor space, 24 hours a day. This system includes a 2 GB SD card to record up to 350 minutes of video with sound for your review. Night vision camera with LEDs gives you a clear picture in the dark, up to 40 feet. The 7in. LCD Monitor lets you view video anywhere or connect to TV for larger image. This system also features a two-way intercom. A camera, SD card, power adapters, mounting brackets, remote control, 6-ft. AV cable and mounting hardware all come with this comprehensive package. This system can also handle up to 3 additional cameras (Item# 26177, sold separately). Give yourself some peace of mind!

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Defender Wireless Security Camera
Item# 26177

This Defender Wireless Security Camera is specifically designed to work with the Defender Wireless Surveillance System. The camera features 18 infrared LED lights that provide night vision up to 40 feet, along with a 62° viewing angle. Give yourself some peace of mind! Item is on back-order until early August.

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Master Lock Key Storage Device, Model# 5400D
Item# 178551

What else would you expect — it's a quality padlock from the world's largest padlock manufacturer, but it also keeps your keys safe. All Master Lock padlocks are individually tested for strength and durability, and each offers a limited lifetime guarantee. This lock contains a large key storage compartment that holds over 5 house, car, or padlock keys. The attractive design blends with decor to minimize attention. Includes a 4 dial resettable combination that provides simple, set-your-own combination convenience. The key storage door pivots open smoothly and remains attached to lockbody for convenient operation. Reinforced body withstands hammering and sawing, while the hardened steel shackle resists cutting. Dimensions are 4in.L x 3 9/16in.W x 1 9/16in.D. U.S.A.

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