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Ketch-All Multiple Catch Mousetrap
Item# 166923

Your search for a better mousetrap ends here. The Ketch-All operates without the use of harmful chemicals, baits or poisons and is safe for use around children and pets. Catches multiple mice in one setting. Sanitary disposal lets you simply slide lid back and dispose of mice at your discretion. Durable galvanized steel housing. U.S.A.

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Garden Defense Electronic Owl
Item# 25186

This realistic-looking electronic Great Horned Owl uses 4 motion sensors to detect nearby pests. When a pest is spotted, the owl moves its head in the direction of the pest and sends out a genuine Great Horned Owl call to scare away the pest. Safe, chemical-free pest control for your home and garden.

Only $39.99
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Bear Deterrent Spray Holster Keeps You Ready for Danger
Item# 162801

If you carry spray for personal protection, it won't do you a lot of good if you have to fish for it in your pack. This handy nylon holster solves that problem. It holds a 9oz. spray canister (Item# 162805, sold separately) securely and keeps it at the ready should the need arise.

Only $6.99
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Guard Alaska Bear Deterrent Keeps the Bruins at Bay
Item# 162805

When you're out communing with Nature, it's quite possible to have a Close Encounter of the Bear Kind. That's an experience well worth avoiding, so having a canister of this Guard Alaska Bear Deterrent is a highly worthwhile investment. This potent spray is specifically designed to keep these big, powerful and unpredictable beasts from being a nuisance or worse, making you a morsel. It's strong enough to stop a bear in its tracks, making it a great idea for your next hike or campout. 9-oz. container; holster (Item# 162801) also available.

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SkeeterVac TacTrap Mosquito Trap Replacement Cartridges — 2-Pk.
Item# 168451

Mosquito lure for use with SkeeterVac® Mosquito Eliminator, item# 168441 or 168442.

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Only $22.99
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Cedar Bat House
Item# 169638

Set up a bat house and give our insect-eating friends a place to live. A single brown bat can consume as many as 600 mosquitoes in an hour! They also feed on other night-flying insects like corn borers and cutworm moths. The bat house is made of maintenance-free 3/4in.-thick cedar and can be hung on a pole or under the eaves of a house or garage (preferably 12–15 feet above the ground). Bats will not interfere with attracting wild birds. Belfry not included.

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SkeeterVac Mosquito Eliminator — 1.2 Acre Coverage
Item# 168752

Let's face it — mosquitoes deserve their fate, so choose the SkeeterVac® to bring justice. It provides powerful protection against mosquitoes and other biting insects. Disrupts breeding cycle. Attracts, traps and kills biting insects by converting clean-burning propane into carbon dioxide and water vapor mixture that mimics human breath. Combined with time-released attractant lure, mixture attracts insects to unit, as powerful vacuum fan traps insects. Effective on variety of flying insects; attractant lure can be adjusted to local conditions. Quiet and odorless operation.

Only $419.99
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SkeeterVac BaitBlock Mosquito Trap Replacement Cartridge
Item# 168452

Mosquito lure for use with SkeeterVac Item# 168441 or 168442.

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Single Garage Door Screen Keeps the Bugs Out of Your Garage
Item# 550738

Now you can keep the air flowing while you work in your garage without having to battle mosquitoes or other flying pests. This handy screen door hangs from your garage door opening and installs in minutes, using grommets and simple hook-and-loop tape. Embedded magnets keep the screen closed, while a weighted bottom keeps the screen in place. It's an ideal solution for those warm nights. Dimensions are 8ft. x 7ft.

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Double Garage Door Keeps the Bugs Out of Your Garage
Item# 550739

Now you can keep the air flowing while you work in your garage without having to battle mosquitoes or other flying pests. This handy screen door hangs from your garage door opening and installs in minutes, using grommets and simple hook-and-loop tape. Embedded magnets keep the screen closed, while a weighted bottom keeps the screen in place. It's an ideal solution for those warm nights. Dimensions are 16ft. x 7ft.

List $39.99
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Bird-X Transonic Pro Pest Repeller, Model# TX-Pro
Item# 16972

The best way to deal with pests is to keep them from coming to you in the first place. This nifty device drives pests away with sounds they can’t stand — in an area up to 3500 square feet! Repel rodents, insects, bats, spiders, even skunks and raccoons with “psychoacoustic jamming,” which is not a heavy metal concert gone horribly wrong, but rather intense, variable pitch ultrasonic and sonic sound waves that create a noisy, hostile dynamic sound environment. The noise is intolerable to pests yet friendly to pets and humans. Safe for use indoors and out, and at food establishments, farms, warehouses, homes and more. Weather-resistant metal housing. AC and DC operation.

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Advantek Outdoors Catch and Release Live Animal Trap with Rodent Trap
Item# 20020

Here's a safe and humane solution for relocating unwanted animals with a simple, non-mechanical design. Effective for raccoons, possums, ground hogs, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, rats and other rodents. Heavy-duty steel construction. Comes fully assembled. 32in.L x 11in.W x 12in.H. Comes with a 17in.L x 7 1/2in.W x 6in.H Catch & Release Rodent Trap.

List $50.75
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Advantek Catch & Release Coyote Trap
Item# 19660

Cartoon coyotes seem to have trouble with technology, but in the real world coyotes are intelligent nuisances. Since you really can’t use rockets and anvils to deal with coyotes without running afoul of local authorities and the laws of physics, this humane trap is a better idea. It’s a safe solution for relocating coyotes, raccoons, ground hogs, rabbits and other larger unwanted animals. The heavy-duty galvanized steel trap features a removable bait holder compartment. 55in.L x 25in.W x 17in.H.

List $229.99
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Gator Guard Alligator Decoy
Item# 168354

Canadian geese used to be an endangered species — not any more. If you have a lake, pond or even a stubborn puddle on your property, geese are liable to visit and leave a few, ahem, calling cards. Keep these unwanted visitors away with the Gator Guard. This realistic floating alligator head is a threatening 25in.L and moves and bobs with the water. It features life-like eyes that flash in the light. Even if you live hundreds of miles away from alligator habitat, geese will mistake the Gator Guard for the real thing and stay away. You can let the Gator Guard float freely or the anchor can be attached to an eyehook if desired. Covers up to one acre! Constructed of durable weatherproof urethane foam with UV-protected coating. Besides geese, the Gator Guard also chases away cormorants and other waterfowl, and small animals as well.

List $69.00
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Raticator Max with Infrared — No Blood, No Gore, No Mess
Item# 168543

The Raticator Max with Infrared is an enhanced version of the humane, environmentally friendly rodent trap. No poisons will endanger your pets or the environment. Its advanced infrared technology detects rodents before delivering a deadly shock, and a flashing red light tells you when you have a catch. Dry animal food baits the trap and four D batteries provide power for two years (not included). Easy to use and re-use, this trap is intended for indoor use only. Size: 11 1/2in.L x 4in.W x 4 3/4in.H.

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Nite Guard Solar-Powered Night Predator Light
Item# 1681517

The Nite Guard solar-powered night predator light is a maintenance-free unit that automatically turns on at dusk and off at sunrise. Red flashing LED keeps nighttime predators away from your garden, poultry, livestock and property. Protects against owls, coyotes, possums, raccoons, foxes, bobcats, muskrats, bears, mountain lions, wild boar, minks, weasels and more.

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2-Trap Pack of Catch and Release Live Animal Traps — A Model Varmint Relocation Program
Item# 42890

This pack includes the 2 most popular sizes of individual traps, 32in. x 11in.W x 10in.H and 24in.L x 7in.W x 7in.H with a durable powder-coat finish. Features the new GFA (gravity flow activation) mechanism, which makes setting the trap much easier and provides for a more reliable catch. This combination of humane and efficient traps is designed to capture the most common home and farm nuisance animals: raccoons, possums, groundhogs, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, rats and more.

Only $39.99
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Vapamore Primo Steam Cleaner
Item# 44239

The Vapamore Primo Steam Cleaner produces steam up to 220°F to clean and sanitize without using chemicals. Powerful steam safely and effectively eliminates germs, dust mites, bed bugs, mold and mildew without turning your home into a chemistry lab. It's great for cleaning kitchens and food preparation equipment, bathrooms, bedding, upholstery, pet areas and much more. Includes a 1.6 liter stainless steel boiler, solenoid operated steam control and a 1500 watt water heater. 50 PSI; adjustable steam output; the large 1/2 gallon tank operates for 60 minute. Also includes an 18-ft. retractable cord and onboard storage for accessories.

Only $299.99
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Vapamore Amico Handheld Steam Cleaner — 43 PSI
Item# 44242

This Vapamore Amico Handheld Steam Cleaner is a lightweight, easy-to-handle solution for cleaning without chemicals. With steam up to 210°F, this cleaner effectively eliminates dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, bacteria and viruses. Includes a 6.7-oz. tank, 1000 watt heating element and a 10-ft. power cord. A full complement of accessories is included to handle a variety of chores and surfaces, including the following: steam hose and connector; accessory tool adapter; measuring cup/funnel; detail scraper; straight nylon brush; jet nozzle; nylon grout brush; medium nylon brush; large nylon brush; small brass brush; large brass brush; large stainless steel brush; smooth-surface squeegee; 3 cotton covers; and a carrying case.

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Total Products: 19