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Survival Bacon
Item# 827861

Remember the food pyramid? Candy's got a small spot at the top, then bigger spots for fruits and veggies and stuff, then bread at the bottom. Well, food scientists have discovered a new layer at the bottom. You guessed it, bacon. These 54 strips of bacon come fully cooked with a mouthwatering smoky flavor and are perfect for correcting unexpected bacon deficiencies. It's the healthy choice.

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Cascade Sleeping Bag — Rest Easy
Item# 43876

There's a lot of overkill in the sleeping bag biz; seriously, are you going to be camping in the Yukon any time soon? Thought not. Get the sleeping bag you need: this comfortable and reliable Cascade sleeping bag. It’s ready for action with a durable poly outer shell, soft micro-peached poly liner and 4 lbs. of fill weight, providing a comfort zone temperature range of 35–40°F. Features full-length, self-repairing zipper and two straps for easy rollup. Best of all, it's machine washable and its overall dimensions are a generous 33in. x 80in., making it ideal for a fall campout, sleepover and more. Made in U.S.A.

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Reversible 9Ft. x 12Ft. Patio/RV Mat — Traveling Tapestry Does Double-Duty
Item# 827866

This Reversible 9Ft. x 12Ft. Patio/RV Mat in durable, low-maintenance, woven polypropylene withstands rain, sun and heavy foot traffic. An elegant addition outside your RV, on your patio or in your yard, this mat folds and packs easily, so it's also the perfect outdoor concert seat, or picnic blanket. Corner tie-downs secure to the ground with stakes (not included). Clean this terrific tapestry by simply hosing it down and airing it dry.

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Half-Ton Foldable Camp Chair — Big-Time, Heavy-Duty, No-Nonsense
Item# 827868

We're talking a heavy-gauge, powder-coated, 22mm tubular steel frame; oversized, shatterproof nylon feet; and a fully-padded, 600-denier polyester fabric seat with an additional center support. Now add a 6-pack cooler built into one arm rest and a cup holder built into the other, and this Half-Ton Foldable Camp Chair becomes the perfect party sling for a big guy. Made to withstand 1000 lbs. of stationary weight, it's definitely not a lightweight's chair. (However, a gang of lightweights might ask to use it.) A rear-concealed storage bag holds wallet, keys and phone; included carry bag allows easy transport. Seat: 30in.L x 25in.W x 20in.H; backrest: 28in.L x 22 1/2in.H. Chair: 40 1/2in.H.

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Deluxe Camp Kitchen
Item# 827870

Real campers know that frankfurters and roasted marshmallows only get you so far. This Deluxe Camp Kitchen lets you cook like a pro no matter where your trail leads. This portable prep table, sink and drying rack is great for picnics, or as a quick and easy accompaniment to your backyard grill. Built to last with a durable powder-coated steel frame and a heat-resistant, easy-to-clean MDF prep table. Pantry organizer below prep table has a zipper door and a hard shelf bottom. Removable wind screen. The whole thing packs up into a neat bag for easy storage and transportation. Note: stove not included. 19 1/2in.W x 49in.D x 32in.H.

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Ruger Bear Repellent — The Best of a Bad Situation
Item# 44134

When you're out communing with Nature, it's quite possible to have a Close Encounter of the Bear Kind. That's an experience well worth avoiding, so having a canister of this Ruger Bear Repellent is a highly worthwhile investment. This potent spray is specifically designed to keep these big, powerful and unpredictable beasts from being a nuisance or worse. With a 20-ft. range and a formulation that can penetrate wet fur, it's strong enough to stop a bear in its tracks, making it a great idea for your next hike or campout. 9-oz. canister.

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Midland AM/FM Weather Alert Radio with Hand Crank
Item# 42956

Ideal for emergency preparedness, camping, beach, park, and everyday use, this Midland AM/FM Weather Alert Radio with Hand Crank receives NOAA weather alerts via any of several power sources: hand crank, solar, 1 long-life Li-Ion 2000 mAh rechargeable battery (included) or 6 replacement AA batteries (not included). It features a 1-hr. alert memory, an alert override, a search-and-rescue dog whistle, clock and a CREE ultra bright LED flashlight with 1400 LUX, hi and low brightness settings and Morse code flashing. This unit can also charge most cell phones through the USB connection and included cord. Case is weather-resistant plastic. 8in.L x 2 1/2in. W x 3 1/4in. H.

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Swipe to Shine LED Flashlight — Thumb Technology
Item# 44152

Small but mighty, this INOVA Microlight is compact, convenient and impressively powerful. It features a durable water-resistant casing that fits in your hand, delivering an impressive 16 Lumens. And since it activates with quick right-to-left swipe of the thumb, you won’t need to fumble around with a switch. The variable light provide dimming, low, high and flash modes, making it a great choice for everything from reading maps to sending alert signals. And with a convenient stainless steel carabiner it clips to key chains, belt loops, backpack straps and more, and at only 3.18in. x 1.09in. x 0.43in., it goes anywhere with ease. Includes carabiner and replaceable lithium batteries.

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Handcrank Flashlight/Fire Starter — Get Glowing Results
Item# 44139

Nature can have its shadowy moments, and this emergency outdoor LED flashlight/fire starter combo is a great thing to have when darkness descends. You can start a fire anywhere, any time with the handcrank-powered dynamo igniter that is integrated with an LED flashlight. You can also use the unit to power electronic devices, cell phones and more; all you have to do is crank the unit by hand and it will generate power from the integrated rechargeable lithium battery. It also includes a built-in compass and emergency whistle, making it a great choice for hikers, campers and travelers. And since it's only 4.25in. x 2.15in. x 1.4in., you can carry it anywhere with ease or stick one in your glove compartment for an emergency.

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Submersible Handcrank/Solar LED Flashlight — Deeply Useful
Item# 44140

Flashlights are handy but dealing with batteries and burned-out bulbs is a hassle, so this handcrank LED flashlight is a great solution. You can power the dynamo inside the unit with the handcrank or integrated solar panel, and the three high-powered LEDs will last for thousands of hours. It’s also totally waterproof and works at a depth of up to 45 feet. With a flash mode, it’s also a great choice for emergencies.

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Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman — Ready for Camping Action
Item# 720132

You're certain to be a happier camper if you bring along the 4-in-1 Woodsman. This versatile tool chops, saws, pounds stakes and generally makes quick work of a variety of tasks in the field. The integrated axe easily chops wood, and the included blade makes it easy to saw branches and sticks. The heavy mallet head will drive a tent stake with authority and the included steel ring makes removing the stake a simple operation. The dual-function cover protects the axe head, and the handle stores two saw blades (included).

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Pair of 28-Mile, Waterproof, 2-Way Handheld Radios — Model# GMR2838-2CK
Item# 42934

Hiking, biking, camping, concerts and sporting events are all activities that can lead to separation from companions, so a means of communication is critical. This Pair of 28-Mile, Waterproof, 2-Way Handheld Radios features 22 channels, 15 GMRS for longer distances and 7 FRS for shorter distances. Simply use channel scan to find the one with clearest communication. A full range of features include everything you need for communication in good weather or bad: waterproof housing (JIS-4), NOAA weather alerts, 121 privacy codes, a Roger beep, 5 call tones, rechargeable NiMH battery packs, a dual charging cradle with AC adapter, DC input jack for car charging, Vox headset jacks and belt clips.

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AcuRite Lightning Detector
Item# 44215

This AcuRite Lightning Detector could save your life. It detects cloud-to-ground, cloud-to-cloud and intra-cloud lightning strikes within a 25 mi./40 km range and notifies you with a loud alarm, flashing red LED light and text message on the backlit display. It also displays a running total of the number of strikes detected, and its enhanced interference rejection feature prevents false lightning detection. Pocket-sized for portability, this weather-resistant unit has a no-slip clip and two modes of operation: outdoor and indoor. Operates on 2 AAA batteries (not included) with an 8 – 10 month battery life expectancy.

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RediFlame All Natural Fire Logs — A Better Burn
Item# 44272

It's easy to love a nice wood-burning fire, but the smoke and ash can be problematic. These RediFlame logs produce 25% more heat and burn up to 50% cleaner than regular wood. These 100% all natural wood products don't contain chemicals, wax, or filler and are great for cooking, grilling, campfires, and more. Impressive 6-hour burn time; each log is 12in.L x 2in. dia. Pack of 12.

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Bear Shock Electric Bear Fence — Sleep with Peace of Mind
Item# 44473

When bears wander into a campsite, it means they're either predatory or have become used to eating garbage or human food. In either case, they're dangerous, and that's why this Bear Shock® electric bear fence delivers 6000 volts to any bear that touches it. Far better than stringing up tin cans or clanging pots and pans together to scare bears away, this Bear Shock means business, and bears figure that out the instant they get zapped. This ultra lightweight, first-of-its-kind, battery-powered fence encloses a 45 sq. ft. area to protect you and your camping equipment. It also works well as a horse corral or protection for a small plane or other vehicle. It fits in an 8in. x 25in. storage bag and includes 3 sets of poly-wire (2 hot, 1 ground); eight 4ft. posts that work well in Alaskan tundra; flagging tape; and 1 ground stake along with 1 energizer that runs on 2 D-cell batteries (not included).

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2-Pk. of Fire Fishing Poles Delivers a Great Catch Every Time
Item# 44466

Kids and adults enjoy these fire fishing poles that yield a great-tasting hot dog or marshmallow every time. A quick flick of the wrist flips your food, so it roasts evenly. Just “Jig it to Flip it.” Each pole in this 2-pk. of fire fishing poles looks and feels just like a fishing pole. Each is powder-coated with a stainless steel hook and a birch/maple handle. 1 Red pole and 1 Blue pole.

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UDAP Bear Shock Electric Fence — 6,000 Volts, 27ft. x 27ft. Coverage
Item# 44877

Communing with nature is great, but bears in your campsite can be dangerous, so this Bear Shock electric fence is a great bear deterrent in the back country. You can set up a 27ft. x 27ft. perimeter quickly and the fence will deliver a 6,000 Volt jolt that sends the unwanted visitor on his way. The system has three poly wires (two hot, one ground) and can operate continuously up to 5 weeks on two D batteries (not included). All that power is surprisingly portable, since the fence fits into an included 6in. x 20in. storage bag. Also includes the wires, energizer, 4 durable corner posts and a roll of flagging tape.

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UDAP Bear Shock® Food Fence — 7600 Volts Stops 'Em Cold
Item# 44496

When you're in bear country, you need a serious deterrent to food theft by hungry inhabitants, and this 7600V, 30ft. mesh UDAP® bear shock food fence with 6 posts is your best bet. It beats hanging food in trees by a long shot. With its efficient electronic circuit design, this fence operates continuously for 3 weeks on 4 D-cell batteries (not included), depending on weather and fence condition. You can monitor power output on the power energizer LCD display. Alternate hot and ground wire setup is color coded, and wire space is gradually increased from bottom to top, so this fence is also highly effective in keeping out other animals such as skunks, raccoons, coyotes, wolves and mountain lions. This fence works on gravel bars and ice as well as regular terrain, so you're covered wherever you set up camp, and 2 fences can be connected to encircle a larger area if necessary. This fence is a bear deterrent and does not replace safety measures. Never store food or odorous items in or near your sleeping area and be sure to refer to the Bear Safety Tips Booklet provided. Weighing only 9 lbs. with batteries, this unit is lightweight and easy to set up. It comes in a padded storage bag for easy transport.

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7-Gallon Double Cooler — Better Taste, Less Waste
Item# 44622

Whether you're trying to keep your performance sports drink cold on the bench, or supplying soft drinks at a picnic or outdoor event, no one enjoys a watered-down product when the ice melts, which is an issue in most 5-gallon containers. This ingenious 7-gallon double cooler solves that problem. The design features an integrated 2-gallon cooler inside a 5-gallon cooler, yet both are completely separate. Put ice in the 2-gallon cooler and mix up your favorite beverage in the 5-gallon compartment; the ice keeps your 5-gallon beverage cold without watering it down, and it’s easy to add ice as needed. With two taps, you can draw both the beverage and water from the melting ice, adding even more versatility. Eco-friendly foam design, too!

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LED Spotlight and Lantern to the Rescue
Item# 44404

This versatile LED spotlight and lantern is a powerful emergency tool. It serves as a powerful 3 LED spotlight, 10 LED lantern and 5 LED red flasher. It also charges cell phones and other digital devices via an output USB port. This unit never needs batteries and charges 4 ways: built-in hand-crank dynamo generator, computer via USB port, DC car adaptor or AC home adaptor (AC/DC adaptors not included). Features an integrated handle for spotlight and hanging ring for lantern.

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Emergency Radio/Flashlight for When Power's Down
Item# 44405

This emergency radio/flashlight features a digital display AM/FM radio and 3 LED flashlight. It charges cell phones and other digital devices via a USB plug, yet never needs batteries. It charges 5 ways: built-in hand-crank power dynamo generator, solar power, computer via USB port, DC car adaptor or AC home adaptor (AC/DC adaptors not included).

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Emergency Weather Band Radio/Flashlight Saves the Day — or Night
Item# 44406

This emergency weather band radio/flashlight with NOAA/AM/FM alert function, digital tuning and a 3-power flashlight is an indispensable tool in tough weather. Charge it by hand crank, solar power or computer via USB port. Use it to charge cell phones and other digital devices. Weather-resistant, rainproof design features an extendable antenna. Includes headphone jack and locking, hanging carabiner. 5in. x 3.15in. x 1.77in.

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Fire Fishing Pole Delivers a Great Catch Every Time — Red
Item# 44590

Kids and adults enjoy a pole that yields a great-tasting hot dog or marshmallow every time. This fire fishing pole is hot dog/marshmallow roaster looks and feels just like a fishing pole. It's powder-coated with a stainless steel hook and a birch/maple handle. A quick flick of the wrist flips your food, so it roasts evenly. Red.

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Igloo 8-Man Log Cabin Tent — Front Porch and All
Item# 44273

This Igloo 8-Man Log Cabin Tent provides top-notch shelter in the wilderness. This tent’s MAXDry™ weather protection system features seam tape to prevent water seepage, while its tub-style floor provides backup by deflecting water away from seams. Cool Riser Technology™ provides a system of lower mesh vents to draw cool air in from the base and hot air out the roof for cooling comfort. UV-Ban™, a specialized coating, reflects heat and rays with a UV protection rating of 50+. Reflective tape highlights the tent door at night, while the tent has convenient mesh pockets and a Cable Port™ feature that provides an easy-to-access passage for portable device cables. Sleeps 8; overall dimensions are 13ft.L x 12ft.W x 7ft.H. Includes carrying bag. 185T, 800 mm poly construction; in Brown/Tan/Orange/Gray.

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