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Magnifying Glass with Light
Item# 25685

Sometimes you just need to take a closer look at what's right in front of you. This 5in. hobby magnifying glass with built-in light will brightly illuminate your subject for crafting, sewing or close reading. Now you can read the fine print without eye strain. 23.9% interest? $35 late fee? Never saw that before! Make sure that crucial stitch is just right or that your scale-model 18th-century blunderbuss is painted to perfection. This handy lamp easily clamps to a desk or work table and swivels out of the way when not in use. It combines a jumbo 5in., 2X magnifying glass with a 22 Watt fluorescent bulb for clear, intense close-up viewing. The swing arm design and articulated head let you put the magnifier in the proper position. Comes with 5-ft. power cord.

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Turbospoke Bike Exhaust System — Comes Up Aces
Item# 27602

If you ever clipped playing cards to your bike frame to make it sound like a motorcycle when you were a kid, you'll immediately understand what makes the Turbospoke so much fun. Forget the clothespins and the 7 of Clubs — you get 3 specially designed replaceable cards that flick in the spokes of the bike. The sound is then channeled through the chromed acoustic chamber to create a GROWL people will notice. And the faster the rider pedals, the more impressive the sound gets. Besides the added noise, a red reflector on the end of the cylinder gives a visual cue to drivers and pedestrians of the presence of your child. Includes acoustic exhaust cylinder, reflector cap, clamp, Turbospoke custom decals and 3 replaceable Turbospoke cards. Ages 6+; fits bikes with 16in. dia. or larger wheels.

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Kooler Klub Beverage Dispenser
Item# 27309

If you’re the kind of golfer whose best wood is a pencil, we have something for you. The Kooler Klub looks like an ordinary golf club, but a few discreet taps on the keg-style dispenser is all it takes to fill your glass or flask with up to 48 oz. of your favorite beverage, hot or cold. The shaft of the Kooler Club fits easily in your bag but is large enough to accept ice cubes, carbonated beverages or alcohol. And the Kooler Klub cleans easily with the included long-handled brush. It's the club to play when your favorite hole is the 19th.

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Cast Iron Farm Bell — Ringing Results
Item# 24707

Need to get someone's attention? This cast iron farm bell will produce ringing results. It rings loud and clear throughout the area and its classic styling makes an attractive addition to your decor, indoors or out. 17in.L x 15in.W x 8.3in.H.

List $80.99
Was $59.99
Sale $49.99
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Classic Hand Grind Coffee Mill
Item# 26358

You can get coffee grinders that are so technologically advanced that they require a 94-page instruction manual, but if you just want a simple, honest cup of coffee, this attractive old-school coffee mill is a better bet. It lets you grind coffee beans just the way you like them with a few turns of the handle, depositing the ground coffee right into the drawer. The handsome design looks great on your counter, too. Overall dimensions are 6.3in.L x 4.5in.W x 11.8in.H.

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Hunter's Reserve Roadkill Gift Pack — Eats From the Streets!
Item# 29480

This is where the rubber meets the road(kill). Not really, that would be illegal and immoral, not to mention just plain nasty. Maybe it didn't experience life's end from an 18-wheeler, but this pack does contain a delightful mix of exotic meats in one perfectly seasoned summer sausage or delectable trail stick. This delicious roadside buffet of wild boar, elk, venison, antelope, rabbit and beef will make a scrumptious snack or a perfect gift for a friend with a wild sense of humor. One thing is for sure, it will be a big hit at any gathering. Includes a 1-lb. Roadkill summer sausage and two 2-oz. packages of Roadkill trail sticks. Yummy! U.S.A.

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Kotula's Magnetic Can Koozie Cooler
Item# 29121

When you're out on the tractor, skid steer or lawn mower, chances are a cool beverage would be nice. Problem is, your rig isn't a truck and you probably don't have a cup holder. Solve that problem with this magnetic can cooler. It features stainless steel construction with a thick insulating liner to help keep your drink nice and frosty. The key is the heavy-duty magnet on the bottom that'll keep things in place on any metal surface, even if you travel over bumps and up and down hills. Holds a standard 12-oz. can.

Only $14.99
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Little Digger — Old School Fun that Works!
Item# 28303

No wireless controllers. No sound effects. No batteries or TV required. You didn’t need them and neither does the Little Digger. It's a realistic digger that lets kids use their imaginations while developing hand/eye coordination. And they're OUTSIDE! Sandlot digger rotates a full 360° and comes with a 4 3/4in. wide bucket that extends 30in. from the seat. 3in. plastic handles fit a child's grip. Molded plastic seat with backrest for added safety and comfort. Base is 17in.L x 24in.W.

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Smithsonian 4-Cylinder Engine — Build a Working Model
Item# 29337

Are your kids ready for a challenge beyond snapping together a see-through model of the human body? Here you go! Let them immerse themselves in a world of adventure and discovery as they build a real battery-powered Smithsonian® Motoworks™ 4-cylinder model engine, piece by piece. When they are done, they'll have a model adorned with moving parts, lights and realistic engine sounds. Valves open and close, spark plugs fire and pistons drive the crankshaft, just like a real internal combustion engine. The kit contains 100 parts that screw together easily, along with clear instructions. Motor requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Also includes a large 35in. x 28in. color poster for hanging on their wall. Ages 8 and up.

List $79.95
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NHL Edition Goal Light — Score One Today!
Item# 30251

Light the lamp and celebrate the big goal, or anything else, with the NHL Edition Goal Light. You get the excitement of flashing lights and an NHL-style horn sound with a simple click of the puck-shaped remote control. The unit is programmed to replicate the official goal horn sound from each of the NHL arenas, so it’s easy to customize your celebration to match the live action. Since each light also has a 3.5mm audio out plug, you can hook it up to external speakers or a home surround sound system and really rock the place. This officially licensed NHL product includes labels for all 30 NHL teams, letting you add your favorite team's logo. It’s a great addition to any man cave. Uses 4 AA batteries for light and 2 AAA batteries for the remote (batteries included).

List $61.48
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Beard Head Barbarian Looter Hat with Brown Beard, Model# 182212 — Add Comfort and Style to Your Marauding
Item# 14708

It's cold out there and keeping your head and face warm can be a challenge. Ski masks are boring and sometimes antisocial, so the better choice is this functional and amusing Beard Head. You get a comfortable knit helmet with a detachable beard that keeps your face protected against the elements, which is crucial whether you're on the ski hill or terrorizing the Baltic peasantry. Brown Beard.

List $40.00
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Prescription Beer Can Koozies — 2-Pk.
Item# 33334

This 2-pk. of prescription beer can koozies looks a lot like prescription bottles, and they each easily hold a 12-oz. can of your favorite (ahem) medicine. Like most prescription bottles, they even warn of a few potential side effects in a humorous way. It's the remedy you need for a happier weekend. Dimensions of each: are 4in.L x 4 1/2in. W x 5in.H.

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Tonka Toughest Road Grader, Model# 92510
Item# 28155

The classic Tonka Road Grader you remember is now ready for duty for the next generation. Rugged steel construction and realistic design keep each vehicle ready for action any place where young adventurers gather. Each vehicle features deep-cleated tires and working features for years of realistic play. This classic road grader includes a 5-position blade that adjusts to differing terrain. Ages 3+. 17.5in.L x 8in.W x 7.5in.H

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Tonka Classic Mighty Dump Truck, Model# 93918
Item# 28168

The classic Tonka Mighty Dump Truck you remember is now ready for duty for the next generation. Rugged steel construction and realistic design keep each vehicle ready for action any place where young adventurers gather. Each vehicle features deep-cleated tires and working features for years of realistic play. This classic dump truck features a tilt back dump bed capable of holding big loads. Ages 3+. 14.28in.L x 7.87in.W x 7.5in.H.

List $42.58
Only $29.99
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Tonka Classic Tow Truck, Model# 92202
Item# 28154

The classic Tonka Tow Truck you remember is now ready for duty for the next generation. Rugged steel construction and realistic design keep each vehicle ready for action any place where young adventurers gather. Each vehicle features deep-cleated tires and working features for years of realistic play. This classic tow truck lifts and tows. Ages 3+. 13.66in.L x 5.95in.W x 6.95in.H

List $39.99
Only $19.99
You Save $20.00
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Tonka Classic Mighty Loader, Model# 93920
Item# 28156

The classic Tonka Mighty Loader you remember is now ready for duty for the next generation. Rugged steel construction and realistic design keep each vehicle ready for action any place where young adventurers gather. Each vehicle features deep-cleated tires and working features for years of realistic play. This classic mighty loader features a working bucket designed for digging, dumping and hauling away loads. It includes a steerable cab section and features heavy-duty axles that can handle loads up to 50 lbs. Ages 3+. 17.16in.L x 8.5in.W x 7.5in.H.

List $79.99
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1-Gallon Stainless Steel Flask — Make a Statement
Item# 37240

Maybe you used to sneak in a flask full of courage at the ol' ball game — don't worry, your secret is safe with us. But sometimes you don't want to be furtive. Now you can make a really bold statement with this enormous stainless steel flask. It's the real deal, featuring rugged stainless steel construction, but instead of holding a few ounces this bad boy can hold an entire gallon of your favorite (ahem) beverage, with enough for everyone.

List $41.95
Only $24.99
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BBQ Branding Iron Set — Claim Your Steak
Item# 38031

With this BBQ branding iron set, there will be no mistake. The mouth-watering steaks and burgers all your guests are raving about didn't come out of the package that way. The culinary artist who grilled them to perfection is . . .YOU! So brand 'em with your name (not that you have an ego about your cooking or anything). Or, use this set to say anything you want. Have fun. Set includes 52 letters and spacers. 3 1/2in.L x 2in.W x 18in.H.

List $29.95
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Wine Bottle Glass — A Real Solution
Item# 39338

Let’s face it — sometimes a glass of wine is a little, well, limiting. That's what makes this wine bottle glass a great choice. You can fit an entire 750ml bottle of wine into the glass, which lets you do what you intended to do without the fear of residual cork taste from the bottle opening. As it says, "Finally! A wine glass that fits my needs!" We hear you, America. Hand wash.

List $19.95
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Redneck Plunger — If You’re Down in the Dumps
Item# 39671

Turn an unpleasant task into comedy gold with this outstanding Redneck Plunger. It's a working toilet plunger paired with a simulated pump shotgun that delivers realistic shotgun sounds when you pull the trigger. As they say, "if it’s brown, it’s down."

Only $19.99
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Meatball Maker — Slowly Back Away from the Oven
Item# 39673

Some meatballs would taste good about now, but turning on the oven can be a waste of time and electricity. Avoid that cheeseball move with this nifty meatball maker. It can cook up to 8 fresh or frozen meatballs quickly and efficiently. Nonstick plates are easy to clean; power and ready indicator lights help you deliver foolproof results. Includes a drip tray to catch runoffs.

List $49.99
Was $29.99
Sale $24.99
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Zombie Flamingo Pair — Acclimate for the Apocalypse
Item# 41058

With this Zombie flamingo pair standing guard, maybe the real Zombies won't bother you — they'll think their cohorts have beat them to the punch. One of these frightening birds is standing while the other is feeding; both are on high alert. Perfect for Halloween, birthdays and undead parties, these red-eyed, fang-toothed, black-feathered flamingos are a fun spin on America's favorite lawn art. Just insert the metal rods/legs into the plastic bodies and push them into the ground. Then watch your neighbors' expressions. Standing size: 30in.H x 4in.W x 15in.L; feeding size: 21in.H x 4in.W x 18in.L. Easy assembly.

List $32.99
Only $19.99
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Superman Giant Alarm Clock — Ring Up the Daily Planet
Item# 41812

When things get alarming, that’s usually the time when superheroes do their best work. So why would you choose anything other than this Superman alarm clock? This jumbo timepiece features an easy-to-read analog format and a giant 8 1/2in. clock face showing the proud Superman "S" emblazoned across the front. You can put your clock on a desk, nightstand, counter or mantel, or you can even mount it on a wall. No matter how you use it, you'll feel safer already. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included); overall dimensions are 9 1/2in.W x 3in.D x 12 1/4in.H.

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Sweet Cheeks Bleacher Cushy — An Asset that Attracts Attention
Item# 42720

If you've been feeling a bit ignored lately, how about flaunting a backside tattoo and a red thong at that next sporting event or concert? Seat yourself on this comfy foam Sweet Cheeks Bleacher Cushy and you're likely to get all kinds of attention and a comfortable cushion to boot... Good luck!

List $22.95
Was $19.99
Sale $14.99
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Total Products: 57