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Diamond Plate Trash Can Adds Class to Your Trash
Item# 18756

If you're even moderately busy in your garage or shop, you're going to generate some trash. Even if you usually refuse to think much about your refuse, you ought to give this cool diamond plate trash can a look. It features sturdy diamond plate construction and includes a removable revolving lid that keeps things neat. 16-gallon capacity; 23 1/2in.H (without lid). U.S.A.

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Park-Style Charcoal Grill
Item# 365410

You'll be able to grill up something special with this park-style charcoal grill. This commercial-grade grill features heavy-duty steel construction and provides a large 256 sq. in. cooking area, making the grill a versatile choice for your yard. The firebox and adjustable cooking grate come fully assembled; also includes a 34in.L post with a 2 3/8in. dia.

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Diamond Plate Aluminum Mailbox — Neither Rain Nor Sleet
Item# 20347

While the post office folks say nothing will stop them from delivering the mail, a flimsy mailbox can make their efforts moot. Avoid that with this rugged diamond plate aluminum mailbox. It is built to withstand the elements and will not rust or decay over time. As a bonus, the mail flag features a replica of the Stars and Stripes, making this mailbox a truly banner offer. The top panel also provides room for adding your house number (numbers and base not included). 20in.L x 8in.W x 10in.H.

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Brown Bag Company Alpine Mailbag Truly Delivers
Item# 5631559

If you've had enough of flimsy carry bags, saddle up to something better. This sturdy leather bag is a re-creation of the original Pony Express mailbag, made from select top grain, oil-tanned hides. Perfect as a contractor's briefcase with leather divider to hold up to 15in. laptop, pen slots and business card holder. Sides can be expanded or contracted. Zippered security pocket under flap. Padded shoulder strap, leather handle and antique brass closure. 16in.L x 6in.W x 12in.H. U.S.A.

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Eton American Red Cross Emergency Radio
Item# 24041

Getting a proper warning could be the difference between life and death, which makes this Eton American Red Cross emergency radio a must. You'll be able monitor AM/ FM radio along with emergency broadcasts from up to 7 NOAA weather frequencies any time and anywhere, because it can work with either AC power or with 3 D batteries (not included). It includes a built-in alarm clock and an audio input that lets you play external media such as MP3 players. It's one of the best tools available when you're facing the worst.

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Giant Socket Drink Holder
Item# 25884

Here's another wacky gizmo straight from the Kotula Labs. Using recent developments in biggifying technology, we have taken a common steel socket and turned it into a durable drink holder. This convenience-enhancing apparatus accommodates standard beverage containers as well as insulated beverage containers.

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Kooler Klub Beverage Dispenser
Item# 27309

If you’re the kind of golfer whose best wood is a pencil, we have something for you. The Kooler Klub looks like an ordinary golf club, but a few discreet taps on the keg-style dispenser is all it takes to fill your glass or flask with up to 48 oz. of your favorite beverage, hot or cold. The shaft of the Kooler Club fits easily in your bag but is large enough to accept ice cubes, carbonated beverages or alcohol. And the Kooler Klub cleans easily with the included long-handled brush. It's the club to play when your favorite hole is the 19th.

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Zippo Hand Warmer — Keep Warm the Right Way
Item# 27813

If you really want to keep your hands warm for up to 12 hours, do you really trust a hand warmer from a convenience store dump bin? It’s time to get serious about warmth with this Zippo hand warmer. The thin design allows it to fit easily in your pocket and it produces up to 10 times more heat than a typical disposable warmer, providing dependable warmth for up to 12 hours. The radiant heat design keeps going and the high-polish yet rugged metal construction holds up whether you are hunting, skiing, riding a snowmobile or pretty much any other outdoor activity you can name.

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Flaming Toilet Seat. No, Really
Item# 28475

Fortunately, art doesn’t always imitate reality; if it did, we'd be hesitant to offer a flaming toilet seat. Of course there aren't actual flames involved, merely a colorful flame design that give this item an amusing and surprisingly hot look. The commodious seat fits most commodes. U.S.A.

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Do-All Full-Cock Double Trap Thrower
Item# 29300

Shooter ready? Pull! This Full-Cock Double Trap Thrower allows you to launch up to 4 targets simultaneously, making it a hit at team events. Solid and reliable, this kind of trap thrower is used at sporting clay courses, trap clubs and shooting ranges. Each of the 2 throwing arms offers a 3-pivot mount that throws any target (including rabbits and birds) as singles or stacked doubles – in all directions, at any angle. This trap launches singles up to a whopping 80 yards and doubles up to 60 yards. The trap cocks easily by putting your body in the correct position, and the comfortable, fold-down seat allows hours of fun! Made of cast steel and aluminum tubing, this thrower features an adjustable clip for changing speed and direction. This unit mounts easily on a standard 2in. receiver hitch.

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Pistol-Grip Your Gun Mug
Item# 29238

Use this Gun Mug to give yourself a nice shot of hot coffee! This ceramic, dishwasher-safe mug holds 8 oz. of hot beverage to get you going in the morning.

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Energizer iSurge Travel Charger Will Juice Up Anything
Item# 29398

With all the electronic gadgets we have these days, it can be a real pain to keep them all recharged when on the road. What if you forget the charger? Wherever you roam, the Energizer iSurge aims to help. It features a 30-pin dock at the top for recharging your iPhone or iPod, a USB charging port, 3 surge-protected AC outlets and a night light with an on/off switch. It plugs into any wall outlet with a plug that rotates 180° to fit even awkwardly-placed outlets.

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Keter Folding Work Table
Item# 29034

Portable and durable folding table sets up in seconds to help you tackle the toughest tasks. No need to mess with sawhorses, 2x4s or plywood. Once set up, the table measures 33 1/2in.L x 21 3/4in.W x 29 3/4in.H and supports up to 1000 lbs. Folds down to only 4 3/8in.H for compact storage. Includes two 12in. quick-ratcheting bar clamps that store on bottom deck. Made of heavy-duty thermal molded plastic with aluminum legs. Great for jobsite, cabin, camping, RVs, apartments or anyone looking for a heavy-duty work table that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

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White-Tailed Deer Hunting Vault — A Trophy of a Book
Item# 32706

Even if you're not regularly in pursuit of a trophy buck, you'll find this "White-Tailed Deer Hunting Vault" to be a trophy in its own right. This beautiful hardcover book details the history of the complex interactions between man and deer in North America, including how conservation and game management practices have shaped the sport to this day. But there's more than a historical narrative inside; the book includes a variety of removable replicas of memorabilia from the hunts of the past, including historic maps, permits, letters and much more. It's a wonderful gift for your favorite hunter or outdoor enthusiast. 144 pages; includes protective box sleeve. U.S.A.

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Trekk Lighter — Blaze Orange
Item# 33327

This lighter means business. Designed to withstand the most rugged conditions, it burns with a clean, hot flame at 2000° and provides optimum performance at altitudes of 8000 feet. Extra large fuel tank holds 4 grams and provides over 1000 ignitions on a single fill. Flame indicator window glows when lighter is ignited. Fuel level indicator provides an ongoing heads-up. Piezo-electric ignition system can be operated with one hand and eliminates need for batteries or flints, which fail when wet. Catalyzer coil withstands winds of 70–80 MPH. Stainless steel wire closure keeps cap secure when unit is not in use. Water-resistant O-ring seals keep water out. Comes with lanyard. Not intended for use in altitudes over 10,000 feet. 9 1/4in.L x 5in.W x 1 1/2in.H.

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BBQ Branding Iron Set — Claim Your Steak
Item# 38031

With this BBQ branding iron set, there will be no mistake. The mouth-watering steaks and burgers all your guests are raving about didn't come out of the package that way. The culinary artist who grilled them to perfection is . . .YOU! So brand 'em with your name (not that you have an ego about your cooking or anything). Or, use this set to say anything you want. Have fun. Set includes 52 letters and spacers. 3 1/2in.L x 2in.W x 18in.H.

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The Gentleman's Shower Curtain — A Stylin' Style Guide
Item# 39326

Get an education on facial hair right where you need it with this clever shower curtain. It features a veritable encyclopedia of facial hair styles, with everything from the early 1800s to the current moment represented. Whether you want to look like Martin Van Buren or Tom Selleck, you'll see it here. Frosted EVA construction provides privacy; fits all standard showers.

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5-Pc. Fish Cleaning Set — A Real Catch
Item# 39490

Get your fish cleaned and ready to eat anywhere with this handy set. You get all the tools you need, including a 7 1/2in.L fish scaler, an 11 1/4in.L filet knife and a handheld ceramic sharpener to keep your blades ready for action, all integrated into a 24in.L filet board that includes a heavy-duty clamp and measurement guide.

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M48 Kommando Tactical Shovel
Item# 39580

Perfect for that next trip into the wilderness, this M48® Kommando tactical shovel can be used to dig a firepit and cut rope for hanging packs above bears' reach. Shovel head of tempered steel with a hard black-oxide coating features a sharpened point end, a concave chopping edge on one side and a partially serrated edge on the other side. Injection-molded nylon handle is reinforced by 30% fiberglass and nylon. Includes a reinforced nylon belt pouch. 17.90in.L x 6.90in.W x 1.90in.H.

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.50 Caliber Bullet Knife
Item# 39575

This .50 caliber bullet knife in authentic size with polished solid brass case and copper-plated tip make it a great conversation starter among the bold and shy alike. Perfect for wilderness camping or backyard cooking, this knife fits into pants or apron pocket. 5.60in.L x 1in.W x 1in.H.

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M48 Survival Spear
Item# 39579

A whopping 44 1/8in. from end to end, with a razor-sharp 8in. stainless steel blade almost 1/2in. thick, this M48® survival spear delivers strength and durability. An excellent wilderness tool for breaching, prying or impaling almost anything. Cane-design, 30% fiberglass handle is nearly indestructible. Includes a rubber sheath. 44 1/8in.L x 3 1/10in.W x 1in.D.

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Bushmaster Survival Axe Kit
Item# 39581

The Bushmaster survival axe kit is an inclusive kit for camping, fishing and venturing into the wild. Axe features a 10in. steel blade and a black cast metal handle for storing survival items. Filled with sewing needles, band-aids, matches, surgical blades, magnifiers and fishing hooks, line, and sinkers. A precision compass built into the end cap keeps you from getting lost. Kit also includes a heavy nylon sheath that holds fire starter; a GI can opener; a sharpener stone; an animal snare; a snakebite kit; a survival whistle; and a paracord. Axe dimensions: 13 1/2in.L x 7in.W x 1 1/2H.

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Redneck Plunger — If You’re Down in the Dumps
Item# 39671

Turn an unpleasant task into comedy gold with this outstanding Redneck Plunger. It's a working toilet plunger paired with a simulated pump shotgun that delivers realistic shotgun sounds when you pull the trigger. As they say, "if it’s brown, it’s down."

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Meatball Maker — Slowly Back Away from the Oven
Item# 39673

Some meatballs would taste good about now, but turning on the oven can be a waste of time and electricity. Avoid that cheeseball move with this nifty meatball maker. It can cook up to 8 fresh or frozen meatballs quickly and efficiently. Nonstick plates are easy to clean; power and ready indicator lights help you deliver foolproof results. Includes a drip tray to catch runoffs.

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