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Duracell Coppertop Batteries — D-Cell, 2-Pk.
Item# 21881

More power to ya with Duracell Coppertop Batteries, engineered to deliver the right level of power for your business or household needs. Batteries are guaranteed to remain fresh for up to 7 years. Individually date coded to ensure freshness. Environmentally friendly batteries are mercury free and work in a wide variety of devices. Pack of 2. U.S.A.

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Duracell Coppertop Battery — 9 Volt, 2-Pk.
Item# 21884

More power to ya with Duracell Coppertop Batteries, engineered to deliver the right level of power for your business or household needs. Batteries are guaranteed to remain fresh for up to 7 years. Individually date coded to ensure freshness. Environmentally friendly batteries are mercury free and work in a wide variety of devices. Two pack. U.S.A.

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Duracell Coppertop Battery — 9 Volt, Single-Pk.
Item# 21883

More power to ya with Duracell Coppertop Batteries, engineered to deliver the right level of power for your business or household needs. Batteries are guaranteed to remain fresh for up to 7 years. Individually date coded to ensure freshness. Environmentally friendly batteries are mercury free and work in a wide variety of devices. Single pack. U.S.A.

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Duracell Coppertop Batteries — AA Size, 16-Pk.
Item# 21878

Duracell Coppertop batteries are engineered to deliver the right level of power for your business or household needs. Batteries are guaranteed to remain fresh for up to 7 years. Environmentally friendly batteries are mercury free and work in a wide variety of devices, including remote controls, smoke alarms, flashlights, clocks, radios, toys and more. Pack of 16. U.S.A.

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Voice/Audio USB Recorder — Get the Message
Item# 34306

Now you can record conversations, meetings, lectures and much more without the hassle of specialized equipment or software fixes. This nifty voice recorder combines a recorder with an integrated microphone, 2 GB flash drive and a built-in rechargeable battery. Just pull it out, turn it on and it starts recording right away. You can then take what you've recorded, plug the unit into your computer and play it back. No setup or software required; everything is included in the unit. Device also works as a standard flash drive to store data files, pictures, music, documents and more. Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS 9 operating systems and higher.

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Weather Station with Moon Phases — Forecasts that Promise the Moon
Item# 29795

Prime time meteorologists have a reputation for delivering predictions that often end up looking more like they just made a cockamamie wish on a falling star. Maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands. This handy wireless forecasting station not only puts the current inside/outside temperature and humidity right at your fingertips, but also offers 8 moon phase icons and much more. There’s even a weather tendency indicator to assist you in making your own predictions of what weather might be coming your way. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll even be able to forecast the day the cow will jump over the moon! Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).

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Solar Charged Thermometer — Weather Powered by Nature
Item# 29798

I guess you could say that this window thermometer is a case of Mother Nature tooting her own horn, or, in actuality, lighting her own lamp! The weather-resistant, clear-framed thermometer has a solar charged backlight for nighttime illumination. The sun powered backlight lets you easily check the outdoor temperature any time, day or night, right from the comfort of your own home. Records minimum/maximum temperatures over a 24-hr. period and updates the records daily. -13°F to +158°F temperature range. Window mount is removable for easy window cleaning. Includes 1 rechargeable and 1 alkaline AAA battery.

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Wireless Forecast Station with Sun/Moon Phases — Forecast Differences Like Night & Day
Item# 29796

Never get left in the dark weather-wise. Check out the minimum temperature, maximum temperature or current temperature. Get the forecast for today, tomorrow or predictions for down the road. Find the barometric pressure for any of the past 12 hours. Calculate your sunrise or sunset. Even find out what phase the moon is in. All at a glance. This wireless forecast station does just about everything, including the capability of being programmed to calculate sun rise/set and duration for 99 different North American cities. It’s like having your own weather guru right in the house. Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included). .

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Infrared Thermometer — Point, Click, Measure ... That's Cool!
Item# 29830

The red hot infrared technology of the Infra-Scan thermometer accurately measures temperature in a fraction of a second, without making direct contact with a product. Just push a single button to check doors and windows for drafty areas, register heating or cooling system temperatures, measure the temperature of your grill or even the food you’re cooking, or instantly check almost any other hard-to-reach areas with temps up to 390.2°F. Hold the button in and get ongoing readings. Pretty cool, huh? Compact, handheld receiver with digital display includes 1 lithium button cell battery.

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Super Sport Weather Radio — Red Screen Warns: Oncoming Storms!
Item# 29833

Red Alert! This compact NOAA super sport weather radio has a blue LED backlit screen that automatically turns to red and starts to flash during weather alerts in your area. It’s an effective warning system that’s hard to ignore. The handheld AM/FM radio features 7 different NOAA weather band channels to provide up-to-the-minute weather information that can help keep you safe at home or on the go. A made in the U.S.A. IC chip provides high-quality digital radio signals you can count on for excellent receiver performance. Has a built-in telescopic antenna and non-slip rubberized finish. A must for campers, hikers, boating enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to stay updated on the weather. Requires 3 AA alkaline batteries (not included).

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Crosley iPad Jukebox
Item# 30360

Remember your first sock hop and the glory days that followed? This retro-inspired, full-sized unit will warm your heart as you dance down memory lane. Just dock your tablet onto the face of the jukebox and listen to your music playlists or watch videos on the screen. You can also tune to your favorite AM/FM radio station or pop in your favorite mixed CD. Features digital tuner, built-in EQ presets, tuned port enclosure, color-shifting LED lighting, full-function remote control, RCA auxilliary output, external speaker outputs and 3.5mm cable for tablet auto feed. Framemount docking station fits tablets up to 9 1/2in. wide and 7 1/4in. tall (including Apple iPad™ , Apple iPad2™ and iPad™ 3rd Generation). Styled in handcrafted hardwoods and veneers with hand-rubbed paprika finish, decorative musical playlist and woven grill cloth. 15.25in.L x 25.60in.W x 47.25in.H.

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NPower™ Solar Panel Battery Maintainer/Trickle Charger Kit — A Bright Way to Energize Your Battery
Item# 27923

Now you can add life to your 12V battery or keep it maintained in the field using only the power of the sun. This completely weatherproof, maintenance-free 7 Watt solar trickle charger system is ideal for use in areas without access to electrical outlets. Maintain the charge of the battery for your boat, RV, electric fence, deer feeder and more. The 18in.L x 14 1/2in.W x 1 1/2in. thick amorphous solar panel works in all daylight conditions, even on cloudy days. Built-in overcharge/discharge protection keeps your battery safe. Quick Connect technology with 9 1/2-ft. wire and 12V DC plug plus a set of battery clamps make for easy installation in almost any situation. Operates between -40°F and +176°F. Battery sold separately.

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Gramophone Style Music Player — Seriously Old School
Item# 27727

There's a lot of great old music out there and there's no better way to bridge the century-wide gap between the gramophone and the MP3 than with this nifty vintage music player. It has the look of your great-grandparent's old music player with the authentic horn speaker and decorative crank, but open the front and you'll find a completely 21st Century control panel with integrated cassette and CD players. You can even play your favorite digitized MP3s via either a line-in or a USB port. It also has an integrated AM/FM radio receiver and a working turntable that lets you spin 33-1/3, 45 and even old-time 78 RPM records. Uses standard household power; overall dimensions are 17.3in.L x 17.3in.W x 21.7in.H. Whether you'd rather begin the beguine or bust a move, you've got it covered.

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Portable Karaoke System — Be the Hit of the Party!
Item# 29444

Here's just the unit for your own private party or for taking to friends' parties! For karaoke or just for listening to good tunes, this easy-to-use unit works with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android devices and more. A high quality wireless microphone allows rock stars du jour to dance around without tripping on a cord. Compact design allows easy portability. This feature-loaded unit includes a powerful speaker, amplifier, adjustable echo effect, audio inputs and a cradle for your iPad – everything you need to keep the party going! A free Karaoke Cloud app includes 10 free songs plus access to thousands more. Includes Karaoke Pro, quick start guide, power supply and 1/8in. (3.5mm) Audio Cable. iPad/iPod not included. Party on!

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LaCrosse Fisherman Forecaster — You'll Bite on This
Item# 34076

Will you know if it's a good day to go fishing? Take a look at this wireless desktop weather station and you'll have the answer. It displays the current weather and future forecast and the fisherman icon on the screen even tells you what you need to wear. But this station provides more than clothing advice – it provides barometric pressure, both current and historical, along with sunrise and sunset and moon phase information for 250 pre-selected U.S. cities, on an easy-to-read backlit screen. And since the station tracks automatically with the U.S. atomic clock, you'll have accurate time information as well. Receiver with 200-ft. range requires 3 AA batteries; sensor requires 2 AA batteries (batteries not included).

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TextBuster — A Lifesaving Investment
Item# 38030

Texting while driving is extremely dangerous as well as illegal in many places. The TextBuster sends a blocking signal via Bluetooth to the driver's Android or Blackberry phone that will disable the data functions only while inside the vehicle. It prevents the driver from accessing all text, email or internet functions but does not block incoming or outgoing phone calls. Hide the TextBuster under the dash, and monitor the driver's activities with the provided app. The device is password protected to prevent unwanted removal of data. An excellent tool for all drivers, especially teens and long-distance truckers. 5 1/2in.L x 1 3/4in.W x 8in.H.

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Media Saver — Remove Your Memories from the Technological Jail
Item# 37653

If you have a lot of precious memories trapped in VHS Jail, this Media Saver is just what you need to bust them out. This easy-to-use device features a USB interface and software that converts old technology into a modern format for easier viewing. You can record your old movies to your computer, CD or DVD. All you have to do is connect your old VCR or camcorder to the computer via USB and press a button — the device and software do the rest. Software supports Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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LA CROSSE XL Atomic Digital Clock with Temperature Display — 4in. Time Display
Item# 39348

Over-sized and super easy to read, this XL atomic digital clock with temperature display shows everything at a glance: 4in. digital 12-hr. time display, indoor temperature and perpetual calendar. This unit also includes an alarm, automatic updates for daylight savings via on/off option and 4 time zones. Operates on 3AA batteries (not included). 16 3/4in.L x 1 1/2in.D x 10 3/4in.H. Item is on back-order until early June.

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LA CROSSE Comfort Meter with Temperature and Humidity
Item# 39345

Sometimes the atmosphere in your house isn't comfortable, and you're not sure why. Enter this comfort meter with temperature and humidity displays, and you'll know how to remedy the situation. Two window icons on this handy unit will indicate whether you should open or close the windows based on indoor/outdoor humidity and temperature. 5-level humidity scale runs the spectrum from dry to wet and shows %RH with min/max records. Wireless temperature displays in F/C. 3 1/4in.W x 3/4in.D x 5in.H. Sensor is 1.41in.W x 0.62in.D x 4.03in.H.

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LA CROSSE 20in. Atomic Analog Wall Clock
Item# 39346

This extra large, easy-to-read 20in. atomic analog wall clock will keep you on schedule. Because it synchronizes via radio waves with the US government’s official atomic clock outside Boulder, CO, this clock is automatically always correct. It includes 4 time zone settings and a sleek aluminum frame that looks good in any room. Operates on 1AA alkaline battery (not included).

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LA CROSSE Digital Atomic Clock with Weather Forecast —  3in. Time Display
Item# 39347

Know how to dress for the weather. This digital atomic clock with weather forecast features a 3in. high, easy-to-read, 4-digit time display accompanied by indoor/outdoor temperature in F/C; 5 forecast icons: sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy and stormy, and an 18-hr. barometic pressure history graph. Includes alarm with snooze,12- or 24-hour time display and choice of 5 languages: English, German, French, Dutch or Spanish. Automatically updates for daylight savings time via on/off option. Dimensions: 11.45in.H x 11.4in.W x 1.24in.D. Sensor is 4.49in.H x 3.54in.W x 0.86in.D.

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LA CROSSE 16in. Digital Atomic Wall Clock — 7in. Time Display
Item# 39349

This 16in. digital atomic wall clock with 7in. digital time display in 12- or 24-hr. format is easily visible from across the room with jumbo digits, so it's perfect for any large space such as a conference room or lobby, residential or commercial. This clock also features automatic updates for daylight time; a calendar showing month/date/day; a time zone setting; and an alarm with snooze. Operates on 3 C batteries (not included). 19.25in.W x 1.57in.D x 15.65in.H.

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LaCrosse 15in. Indoor/Outdoor Clock w/Temperature and Humidity
Item# 39593

This handsome, weather-resistant 15in. indoor/outdoor clock w/temperature and humidity features a bronze metal case and glass lens that look good anywhere — on the outside of the house by the patio or on your family room wall. Black metal hands make viewing easy. Thermometer shows current ambient temperature; hygrometer shows current ambient humidity. Operates on 1 AA battery (not included).

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InSite Bluetooth Anti-Loss Alarm System
Item# 40237

Now you can find your lost keys, wallet, computer, camera or more with just the touch of a button! The ultrathin Bluetooth® smart proximity alarm is a small wallet card device that attaches to your valuables and emits a low-energy Bluetooth signal that links your valuables to your iPhone or iPad (not included), providing two-way tracking functionality from 30-60-ft. away. In other words, it keeps track of your valuables so you don't have to! A free downloadable InSite™ app lets you ring the device, send alerts or even use a GPS map of its last seen location to aid in the search. Compatible with iPhone 4S, 5 or newer models, or 3rd and 4th Generation or newer iPad or iPad Mini. One app can link to up to 10 InSite Bluetooth anti-loss alarm systems. After experiencing how this system operates, the only thing you'll be at a loss for is words!

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