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Laptop Touch Screen Video Poker Machine
Item# 6368

Looks like a computer but it's actually laptop video poker! The screen slides easily closed and open in one smooth motion. 7 games in 1; you can play Draw, 2's Wild, Bonus, 2X Bonus, 2XX Bonus, Jokers Wild, and 2X Jokers Wild. Get a 50,000 point jackpot on a Royal Flush. You can play it any way you'd like, with variable and max bet play options. Add realistic casino sounds and this poker machine becomes a great gift for the gaming enthusiast in your life.

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USB Cassette to MP3 Converter Helps You Recapture Your Collection
Item# 19472

Chances are you have a lot of old tunes that are stranded on cassette tapes that you haven't played since your Walkman strolled off into the technological sunset. Now you can retrieve your old friends with this easy-to-use cassette converter. It turns those tape-bound tunes into a digital format that can be converted to a CD or MP3 format. Just use the included converter software — no drivers needed — to guide you through the transfer. It operates using either a battery or USB power and it can even be used as a personal cassette player if you want to relive the 80s experience. Compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista formats.

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Barska Digital Microscope Delivers a Really Close Look
Item# 7619

This advanced professional grade digital microscope is equipped with a high-resolution 3.5in. TFT Screen for easy and comfortable viewing for individuals or groups. It features a built-in digital camera for snapshots or short videos, which can be stored on the 64MB memory, or on an SD memory card. Three objective lenses provide 40X, 100X, and 400X optical magnification levels. The 4X digital zoom allows you to view objects at up to 1600 times their original size. You also get top and bottom LED Illumination, brightness controls and a six position color filter wheel that lets you get a bright and clear view of your specimen. Windows XP and Vista compatible.

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LaCrosse Technology Wireless Thermometer
Item# 167906

It can be tough to get an accurate outdoor temperature, especially if a thermometer is mounted too close to an artificial heat source. This wireless thermometer solves that problem. It displays outdoor and indoor temperatures in °F or °C. Also shows MIN/MAX temperatures and 12/24 hour time display. Since the thermometer has a wireless transmission range of up to 330 feet, you can get a more accurate reading. Receiver requires 2 AAA batteries; wireless sensor requires 2 AA batteries (batteries not included). Wall mountable or freestanding. Receiver is 5.86in.L x 0.89in.W x 3.3in.H; sensor is 5.05in.L x 1.5in.W x 0.83in.H.

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Ecco Sport Personal GPS Locator
Item# 23738

If you've ever gotten lost hiking in the forest, you'll appreciate the Ecco Sport GPS locator. This pocket-sized device uses GPS to pinpoint your starting location. Then you can explore freely, then click again to return to your starting point. Stores up to 3 locations/waypoints. Features 3 modes: location, compass and time/date. And there are no service fees, ever! Large backlit LCD readout displays GPS satellite lock indicator, 16 directional arrow indicators, time, date, battery level and more. High-grip rubberized finish. Includes clip and carry lanyard. Runs 6 hours continuously on 2 AAA batteries (not included).

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Hidden Camera With SD Recording
Item# 24825

It looks like a simple, innocent motion sensor, but this covert DVR system works wirelessly and tirelessly to monitor your business or home, 24/7. Unit conceals a DVR and pinhole camera that records up to 45 days of high-quality MPEG-4 video on the included 2GB SD card. Offers a live view mode via your TV or the SD card can be removed to archive and review on your computer. Camera and DVR can run wirelessly on AA batteries or with included AC power adapter for long-term use. Also includes RCA video wire and mounting bracket. Easy to install and operate.

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Alarm Clock Camera with SD Recording
Item# 24826

James Bond would surely appreciate this hidden camera and DVR, disguised as a standard LCD alarm clock. Covert security system lets you monitor what is important to you while remaining discreet. Captures over 40 days of high-quality video without anyone being the wiser. Easy-to-use system is ideal for monitoring your office, nanny, employees and valuables. Just place the alarm clock on any desk or cabinet and you will be able to record video completely undetected. A built-in motion sensor helps conserve SD card space by only triggering a recording when movement is detected. Plus, the unit works as a fully functioning alarm clock. Comes with a 2 GB SD card, RCA video wire and power adapter.

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9in. Swivel Portable DVD Player
Item# 25662

Save your neck and enjoy the show with this handy 9in. portable DVD player. The screen swivels so you can place it in the proper viewing position — no more neck craning or window glare in the car! The player includes 2-hour playback and includes slots for an SD card or USB, allowing you to view more than just DVDs. Complete kit includes 2 sets of folding headphones, a headrest mounting bracket and a carry case.

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Bounty Hunter Lone Star Detector Shines Bright
Item# 25863

Whether you’re hunting for coins, relics or any old buried treasure, you need a metal detector that performs like a star. 5-segment digital target ID helps you locate buried targets with shining results, then 3-tone audio feedback steps in to help you distinguish between valuable and undesirable metals before you start to dig. The unit detects small objects down to 8in. and large objects down to 3ft. below the surface. Sensitivity control reduces interference for easier hunting. Operates on two 9V batteries (not included). 5-year limited warranty. U.S.A.

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Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 — A Real Treasure
Item# 25860

This top-of-the-line, easy-to-use metal detector rewards users with bountiful results. From finding coins, relics and jewelry, to cache hunting or locating lost property markers, this unit thrives on precision and accuracy. The incredible 11-segment digital target ID locates targets with ease, then helps to identify them by assigning them a digital target value. A digital probable coin depth indicator helps you figure out how deep to dig. Easy Touch controls make changing sensitivity or discrimination settings a snap, and one-touch "Zap" feature automatically eliminates unwanted metals. The treasure chest of extras also includes Pinpoint mode for the most accurate, deepest detection you'll find on any Bounty Hunter unit. Operates on two 9V batteries (not included). 5-year limited warranty. U.S.A.

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Bounty Hunter Quick Draw II — Up the Ante
Item# 25861

If you want to detect more specific targets at certain depths with tremendous accuracy, this metal detector goes all in. An expanded 9-segment digital target ID identifies a wider range of coins, relics and buried treasure during your search, while a digital probable coin depth indicator visually chips in to determine how deep the treasure is buried. The jackpot of features also includes 3-tone audio feedback, sensitivity control, 3-level iron discrimination, notch mode to manually eliminate a selected range of unwanted items, waterproof coil and much more. Operates on two 9V batteries (not included). 5-year limited warranty. U.S.A.

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USB WiFi Antenna — Surf’s Up, Anywhere!
Item# 26174

Catching a WiFi wave just got a lot easier. This powerful WiFi antenna plugs right into any USB port to let you receive WiFi signals from up to a mile away. Wireless "N" technology is teamed with a connection rate of up to 150Mbps to deliver lightning fast file transfers and an ocean of power. The antenna includes a special 15ft. split USB cable that allows you to utilize 2 ports on your computer for even more powerful reception. The indoor/outdoor antenna features a weatherproof design that stands up to the elements as well as intense UV rays. Compatible with many versions of Microsoft Windows and MAC OS 10.4 – 10.6. Software for additional operating systems may be available for download. 1.4in.W x 10in.L x 0.6in.D.

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Next Generation HDMI 1.4 Cable — Connect with the Future — 6ft. Length
Item# 18426

You can spend a small fortune at the big box store pursuing high-end cables that supposedly deliver superior performance. This next-generation cable delivers everything you need for today’s electronics without the exorbitant price tag. HDMI 1.4 cables provide high speed Ethernet capability, along with full 3D support, audio return channel, 4K x 2K support and additional color spaces, ensuring that your television and devices deliver full functionality, while remaining 100% compatible with HDMI 1.3 and other older formats. 6ft. length.

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LaCrosse All Hazards NOAA Weather Radio
Item# 27336

Since the power often goes out in emergencies, you need an emergency radio that can operate under any conditions and this LaCrosse All Hazards NOAA weather radio is a wise choice. It features a hand crank that lets you keep it running when you need it — one minute of cranking delivers up to 30 minutes of power to the integrated rechargeable Li-Ion battery. It also includes a solar panel that can keep the radio running and charged all day when in full sunlight. It receives all 7 NOAA weather band channels, along with digital AM/FM radio reception. The easy-to-read blue backlight display turns red during weather alerts, giving you an immediate visual cue of trouble as well. Includes an integrated, high-intensity LED flashlight and a rugged design with stainless steel bars to create a heavy-duty framework; also includes a mini USB and earphone jack. When the weather takes a turn, and it will, you'll be happy to have this radio. 2.25in.L x 8in.W x 7.5in.H.

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Energizer iSurge Travel Charger Will Juice Up Anything
Item# 29398

With all the electronic gadgets we have these days, it can be a real pain to keep them all recharged when on the road. What if you forget the charger? Wherever you roam, the Energizer iSurge aims to help. It features a 30-pin dock at the top for recharging your iPhone or iPod, a USB charging port, 3 surge-protected AC outlets and a night light with an on/off switch. It plugs into any wall outlet with a plug that rotates 180° to fit even awkwardly-placed outlets.

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Weather Station with Moon Phases — Forecasts that Promise the Moon
Item# 29795

Prime time meteorologists have a reputation for delivering predictions that often end up looking more like they just made a cockamamie wish on a falling star. Maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands. This handy wireless forecasting station not only puts the current inside/outside temperature and humidity right at your fingertips, but also offers 8 moon phase icons and much more. There’s even a weather tendency indicator to assist you in making your own predictions of what weather might be coming your way. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll even be able to forecast the day the cow will jump over the moon! Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).

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Solar Charged Thermometer — Weather Powered by Nature
Item# 29798

I guess you could say that this window thermometer is a case of Mother Nature tooting her own horn, or, in actuality, lighting her own lamp! The weather-resistant, clear-framed thermometer has a solar charged backlight for nighttime illumination. The sun powered backlight lets you easily check the outdoor temperature any time, day or night, right from the comfort of your own home. Records minimum/maximum temperatures over a 24-hr. period and updates the records daily. -13°F to +158°F temperature range. Window mount is removable for easy window cleaning. Includes 1 rechargeable and 1 alkaline AAA battery.

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Wireless Forecast Station with Sun/Moon Phases — Forecast Differences Like Night & Day
Item# 29796

Never get left in the dark weather-wise. Check out the minimum temperature, maximum temperature or current temperature. Get the forecast for today, tomorrow or predictions for down the road. Find the barometric pressure for any of the past 12 hours. Calculate your sunrise or sunset. Even find out what phase the moon is in. All at a glance. This wireless forecast station does just about everything, including the capability of being programmed to calculate sun rise/set and duration for 99 different North American cities. It’s like having your own weather guru right in the house. Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included). .

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Infrared Thermometer — Point, Click, Measure ... That's Cool!
Item# 29830

The red hot infrared technology of the Infra-Scan thermometer accurately measures temperature in a fraction of a second, without making direct contact with a product. Just push a single button to check doors and windows for drafty areas, register heating or cooling system temperatures, measure the temperature of your grill or even the food you’re cooking, or instantly check almost any other hard-to-reach areas with temps up to 390.2°F. Hold the button in and get ongoing readings. Pretty cool, huh? Compact, handheld receiver with digital display includes 1 lithium button cell battery.

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Super Sport Weather Radio — Red Screen Warns: Oncoming Storms!
Item# 29833

Red Alert! This compact NOAA super sport weather radio has a blue LED backlit screen that automatically turns to red and starts to flash during weather alerts in your area. It’s an effective warning system that’s hard to ignore. The handheld AM/FM radio features 7 different NOAA weather band channels to provide up-to-the-minute weather information that can help keep you safe at home or on the go. A made in the U.S.A. IC chip provides high-quality digital radio signals you can count on for excellent receiver performance. Has a built-in telescopic antenna and non-slip rubberized finish. A must for campers, hikers, boating enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to stay updated on the weather. Requires 3 AA alkaline batteries (not included).

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Crosley iPad Jukebox
Item# 30360

Remember your first sock hop and the glory days that followed? This retro-inspired, full-sized unit will warm your heart as you dance down memory lane. Just dock your tablet onto the face of the jukebox and listen to your music playlists or watch videos on the screen. You can also tune to your favorite AM/FM radio station or pop in your favorite mixed CD. Features digital tuner, built-in EQ presets, tuned port enclosure, color-shifting LED lighting, full-function remote control, RCA auxilliary output, external speaker outputs and 3.5mm cable for tablet auto feed. Framemount docking station fits tablets up to 9 1/2in. wide and 7 1/4in. tall (including Apple iPad™ , Apple iPad2™ and iPad™ 3rd Generation). Styled in handcrafted hardwoods and veneers with hand-rubbed paprika finish, decorative musical playlist and woven grill cloth. 15.25in.L x 25.60in.W x 47.25in.H.

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NPower™ Solar Panel Battery Maintainer/Trickle Charger Kit — A Bright Way to Energize Your Battery
Item# 27923

Now you can add life to your 12V battery or keep it maintained in the field using only the power of the sun. This completely weatherproof, maintenance-free 7 Watt solar trickle charger system is ideal for use in areas without access to electrical outlets. Maintain the charge of the battery for your boat, RV, electric fence, deer feeder and more. The 18in.L x 14 1/2in.W x 1 1/2in. thick amorphous solar panel works in all daylight conditions, even on cloudy days. Built-in overcharge/discharge protection keeps your battery safe. Quick Connect technology with 9 1/2-ft. wire and 12V DC plug plus a set of battery clamps make for easy installation in almost any situation. Operates between -40°F and +176°F. Battery sold separately.

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Gramophone Style Music Player — Seriously Old School
Item# 27727

There's a lot of great old music out there and there's no better way to bridge the century-wide gap between the gramophone and the MP3 than with this nifty vintage music player. It has the look of your great-grandparent's old music player with the authentic horn speaker and decorative crank, but open the front and you'll find a completely 21st Century control panel with integrated cassette and CD players. You can even play your favorite digitized MP3s via either a line-in or a USB port. It also has an integrated AM/FM radio receiver and a working turntable that lets you spin 33-1/3, 45 and even old-time 78 RPM records. Uses standard household power; overall dimensions are 17.3in.L x 17.3in.W x 21.7in.H. Whether you'd rather begin the beguine or bust a move, you've got it covered.

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Portable Karaoke System — Be the Hit of the Party!
Item# 29444

Here's just the unit for your own private party or for taking to friends' parties! For karaoke or just for listening to good tunes, this easy-to-use unit works with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android devices and more. A high quality wireless microphone allows rock stars du jour to dance around without tripping on a cord. Compact design allows easy portability. This feature-loaded unit includes a powerful speaker, amplifier, adjustable echo effect, audio inputs and a cradle for your iPad – everything you need to keep the party going! A free Karaoke Cloud app includes 10 free songs plus access to thousands more. Includes Karaoke Pro, quick start guide, power supply and 1/8in. (3.5mm) Audio Cable. iPad/iPod not included. Party on!

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