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Weston Freezer Paper Kit – Stop Right There! Freeze!
Item# 304517

It's a great way to store meat! This Weston freezer paper kit includes everything you need to prepare meat for storage, so you can enjoy the convenience of pulling it out of your freezer instead of running to the supermarket last-minute. Sturdy freezer paper dispenser features spring-loaded cutting blade and legs with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting onto table or wall. A roll of freezer paper and a freezer tape with dispenser are included. U.S.A.

Only $74.99
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Single Burger Press – We Were Pressed to Find the Best
Item# 304500

This Weston hamburger press gives hope to all of us who are challenged in the burger-making department. Using this press will cut your patty making time in half. Simply place ground meat into the tray and close the lid, and you'll get a perfect hamburger every time! Use the adjustment screw for patty thickness up to 1 1/2 in. Use the markings on the handle to adjust patty weight. This new design ensures that patties will not fall apart on the grill. Heavy-duty aluminum is easy to clean. Dimensions are 4 5/16 in. x 7 in. x 5 1/2 in.

Only $24.99
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24-In. Bayou Smoker Grill — Perfectionistic Patio Chefs Love It
Item# 31431

If you're the go-to chef who grills steak, shrimp, burgers, kabobs and other delectables for regular meals or party events, this unit has your name on it. It's so durable, usable and classy, you'll never need to buy another one. Heavy 10-gauge steel construction features sectioned 5.5mm grates for a generous 738 sq. inches of grilling space; 7in. x 18in. smoker box; wood-look shelves. UV-protected paint is heat-resistant to 1200 degrees, so it won't fade or burn off. Cool-touch handles protect your hands. Pit angles so drippings flow to grease drain. Ash rake and grate lifter make cleaning easy. At last, a grill that matches your culinary skill.

Only $1,299.99
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Traveling Bob-A-Que = Camp Cooking Uncomplicated
Item# 46992

Now you can safely cook over a campfire, outdoor propane grill or existing outdoor grill with the Bob-A-Que. 360° spin allows you to swivel your food away from the smoke and fire. Large 225 sq. in. grilling surface means there is plenty of room for their burgers and your steak. 17in. diameter grill; grate height adjusts for user’s convenience. Easy assembly and disassembly; 4-section post breaks down to fit in the included travel bag.

Only $49.99
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Camp Chef Charcoal Lighter Basket — Suddenly You're an Efficiency Expert
Item# 40892

Everyone will be awed when you prepare up to 130 charcoal briquettes in minutes. You could bask in compliments about your efficiency, or you could tell your friends about this nifty charcoal lighter basket. In durable steel construction, this basket features a heat deflector guard to protect its 7 1/2-in. wooden handle. To light this basket, simply fill it half-full with briquettes and place it over a Camp Chef burner, or place it on a fire-resistant surface, stuff crumpled newspaper and wood under the grate and light with a match. When briquettes turn white, they're ready to use for cooking. Basket bottom sits 4 1/2in. above surface for airflow. 13in.L x 13in.W x 12in.H.

List $65.00
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Weber Barbecue Apron — Dress for Success
Item# 41652

Grilling is a serious business, so forget the clown show novelty aprons and step up to this utterly professional Weber barbecue apron. It features sturdy 100% cotton twill construction with faux leather accents, convenient pockets and an adjustable tie closure and neck strap. Wear this apron and your guests will want to "kiss the cook" because the food is so good. Brown.

Only $9.99
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Weber Poultry Roaster
Item# 41711

The bird in the hand has value, but the bird on the grill is better, especially when you use this Weber Poultry Roaster. This dishwasher-safe rack fits over the grill or a large drip pan and keeps a whole chicken in place, allowing you to use your favorite beverage, marinade or spices to cook up a delectable treat. Plated steel construction; 11.25in.L x 7in.W x 3.25in.H.

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Man Law Diamond Plate Steak Knives
Item# 41730

Lay down the law on your next meal with this set of rugged Man Law steak knives. They feature heavy-gauge stainless steel construction and no-nonsense diamond plate handles for an assertive look on your table. Set of 4.

Only $19.99
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Harley-Davidson Gas Grill
Item# 43290

Gather your riding buddies for a story-swapping barbecue. This Harley-Davidson® Gas grill delivers just what you need for a big crowd. 636 sq. in. of cooking space includes 3 stainless steel main burners with 30,000 BTUs of grilling power plus a 9000-BTU infrared main burner, a 10,000-BTU infrared side burner and a 9000-BTU infrared rotisserie. The porcelain cast iron cooking grate carries the famous H-D Bar & Shield logo you'll all appreciate. The black powder-coated steel body is packed with features that make cooking a blast: diamond-plate doors; a mirrored, stainless steel control panel with LED light, custom control knobs and push button electronic ignition; an embossed, double-layered steel lid with a temperature gauge, stainless steel end caps and handle; and a sliding shelf cover for additional working space, so your friends can pitch in and help. Bon appetit! Some assembly required.

Only $999.99
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Portable Grill Fan Keeps the Smoke out of Your Eyes
Item# 43633

Battery-operated for outdoor use, this 6in. dia. Portable Grill Fan features an 18in. bendable goose neck, so you can adjust airflow as necessary. Metal clip with 1in. mouth provides easy mounting. Operates on 4 AA batteries (included). Comes with weatherproof cover.

Only $49.99
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8.5-Qt. Mesh Grilling Pan: Shake, Rattle and Roll
Item# 42869

Cooking need not be a mundane task of assembling ingredients and then passively watching them cook. Chefs can get a workout tossing contents of this 8.5-Qt. Mesh Grilling Pan with locking lid via its long stainless steel handle and short helper handle. You'll notice a delicious difference in food evenly cooked by all that motion. 12in.L x 23 1/4in.W x 4 1/2in.H.

List $50.00
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Artisan Pizza Oven — Brick Oven Taste Without the Masonry
Item# 43874

There's nothing quite like the taste of an artisan pizza from a wood-fired brick oven, but unless you spend quality time with a stonemason it's unlikely that you can get one at home. Forget the mortar and get the taste you crave with this specially designed artisan pizza oven. Its features replicate the performance of a brick oven, but it's a lot easier to use. It includes double-walled construction, easy-control burners and a ceramic pizza stone, delivering precise control and perfect taste every time. And since it works with a standard 1-lb. disposable propane bottle, you can fire it up on your patio, campsite or anywhere else you could imagine. It's also great for baking breads, roasting meats and more. Overall dimensions are 15in.L x 26in.W x 16in.H; also includes regulator and 5-ft. hose to adapt to a standard bulk propane tank.

List $389.99
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Italia Artisan Pizza Kit — All the Tools You Need
Item# 43875

Step up your game with this kit, which provides all the tools you need to create perfect artisan pizzas. You get an infrared cooking thermometer that delivers accurate internal temperatures, two pizza peels, a stainless steel pizza spatula and a rocking pizza cutter.

Only $79.99
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Mesh Roasting Pan — Savor the Flavor
Item# 45364

Perfect for the grill, this stainless steel mesh roasting pan allows you to roast meat, fish and vegetables evenly without losing anything to the fire. The result: savory, mouthwatering taste unattainable by conventional roasting. Invite friends to dine on dinner roasted in this pan, and you'll gain the reputation of Distinguished Cook. 14.62in.L x 10.75in.W x 1.50H. Two handles make transport easy.

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BBQ Grill Accessory Stand — Restores Order out of Cooking Chaos
Item# 45477

Grilling with flair doesn't have to result in a gigantic mess with tools, spices and sauce strewn all over the picnic table, lawn or deck. This BBQ Grill Accessory stand will keep you cool, calm and collected even as your burgers are sizzling. With 4 double-sized hooks for your tools, a shelf for your spices and sauce, a holder for paper towels and a 3 1/2in. screw clamp that anchors the entire unit to your picnic table, grill or railing, you'll be able to keep your act together. 30 1/2in.H x 13 1/2in.W.

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3-in-1 Cajun Injector Charcoal Chicken Cooker
Item# 41842

If you want a better bird, you need to have the right equipment. The multi-level chicken cooker is the ideal choice for serving up a delicious meal at outdoor parties! The 25in.L x 21in.W x 37in.H enclosed chicken cooker holds up to 4 whole or 8 half chickens. 2 separate temperature gauges let you monitor each cooking level. Adjustable top and bottom vents provide air flow and smoke control. Or if you'd prefer, the unit converts to a smoker or grill for the ultimate in versatility. Tough steel construction with a durable powder-coat finish. Top section includes rack, two crossbars and 8 hooks for cooking chicken. The middle section includes a grill grate and liquid pan for moisture. The bottom section holds the charcoal and has an access door and grill grate. Vented lid; stay-cool wooden handles provide easy access. Requires charcoal (not included).

Only $149.99
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Cleva 5.8 Gallon Ash Vacuum — Kick Ash with this Powerful Tool
Item# 42359

Clean your fireplace, firepit, pellet stove, grill, wood stove or other cold ash the easy way with this powerful ash vacuum. Its 5.8 gallon steel canister and strong 5.3 Amp motor are tough enough to handle most jobs. Includes a 4ft.L x 1 1/2in. dia. flexible aluminum suction hose, a 7.8"L aluminum wand and a plastic crevice tool for deep cleaning, with onboard hose storage and cord wrap to keep things organized. Triple filtration is provided with the metal mesh filter cage, 3-layer fine dust cartridge filter and easy-to-install Dacron pre-filter bag that protect your vacuum for years of service and keeps ash in the canister. Also includes a carrying handle as well as an emptying handle. 2-year limited warranty.

List $89.99
Only $79.99
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Pop 'n Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener
Item# 46426

The Pop 'n Catch Magnetic Bottle Opener lets you pop the top off a bottle and catch the cap in one single-handed action. Stainless steel bottle opener mounts magnetically to a truck tailgate, outdoor grills, the side of a cooler or other ferrous metal surfaces. Or you can screw mount it to non-magnetic surfaces like desks or walls. The Pop 'n Catch helps you keep the party going without the hassle of finding a bottle opener and disposing of caps.

Only $24.99
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Bob-A-Que 360° Swivel Outdoor Grill
Item# 1686481

Step up your Bar-B-Que with a Bob-A-Que! Now you can safely cook over a campfire, outdoor propane tank or existing outdoor grill with the Bob-A-Que. Whether you are camping, ice fishing, or simply spending a day in the park, the Bob-A-Que provides a safe and sanitary means to grill your favorite foods. 360° spin allows you to flip your food away from the smoke and fire. Large 225 sq. in. grilling surface means there is plenty of room for their burgers and your steak. Adjustable grate height for user's convenience. Easy assembly.

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Total Products: 43