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Item# 54288

This Geckobot experiment kit gets a kid's creativity going gangbusters. It features a motorized air suction system that enables the gnarly Geckobot model to walk vertically up and down smooth surfaces including glass, plastic, whiteboards and glossy laminates. The battery-powered motor drives a gear system and an air pump that produces a rotating motion to move the legs back and forth, mimicking a real gecko crawling up a wall. When the Geckobot's tongue hits an object in front of it, it triggers the motor to go in reverse, causing the model to walk back down the wall. Its head and tail also move from side to side to the amusement and amazement of its observers. Have a blast building it or any of 6 other models, including an industrial robotic arm with vacuum suction cup grippers, a car with suction cup wheels, an octopus with suction cup arms, a crawling insect, a window-cleaning robot or a vacuum holder device. You'll learn the physics of air pressure and suction as you build, experiment and operate any of these exciting bots. Includes a 24-pg. manual with step-by-step instructions. Ages 8+.

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Item# 46727

This inflatable Comfort Plush elevated twin air bed inflates and deflates at the push of a button on a built-in 120V electric pump, so if company arrives on short notice, you're covered. This comfortable air mattress bed is ultra lightweight, with a height that makes it easier to get in and out of than a lower bed. It adjusts for firmness preferences at the turn of a dial, and its outside layer of high-strength polyester fibers holds up over time, so comfort isn't diminished. The flocked sleeping surface delivers extra coziness, while the indented sides keep sheets from slipping. Composition: 87% PVC, 7% BS, 3% polyester, 1% rayon. 39in.L x 75in.W x 18in.H. 300-lb. capacity. Carrying bag included.

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Item# 51027

This reversible patio/RV mat in durable, low-maintenance, woven polypropylene withstands rain, sun and heavy foot traffic. An elegant addition outside your RV, on your patio or in your yard, this mat folds and packs easily, so it's also the perfect outdoor concert seat, or picnic blanket. Corner tie-downs secure to the ground with stakes (not included). Clean this terrific tapestry by simply hosing it down and airing it dry. Model# 47946.

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Item# 51029

This reversible patio/RV mat in durable, low-maintenance, woven polypropylene withstands rain, sun and heavy foot traffic. An elegant addition outside your RV, on your patio or in your yard, this mat folds and packs easily, so it's also the perfect outdoor concert seat, or picnic blanket. Corner tie-downs secure to the ground with stakes (not included). Clean this terrific tapestry by simply hosing it down and airing it dry. Model# 47948.

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Item# 28154

The classic Tonka Tow Truck you remember is now ready for duty for the next generation. Rugged steel construction and realistic design keep each vehicle ready for action any place where young adventurers gather. Each vehicle features deep-cleated tires and working features for years of realistic play. This classic tow truck lifts and tows. Ages 3+. 13.66in.L x 5.95in.W x 6.95in.H

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Item# 55818

This larger load Bug-A-Salt Lawn & Garden pest gun is a great way to handle a stinkbug safari. It uses ordinary table salt to kill flies and bugs in your lawn and garden. Each shot uses ordinary table salt to lay waste to a variety of pests, including flies, mosquitoes, roaches, cabbage worms, aphids, stinkbugs, slugs, and more. One load is good for 50 shots, and a salt viewing window shows load level. This unit features a cocking pump slide handle and requires no batteries. Simply release the auto safety and a pop-up sight indicates “ready to fire.” Because this Bug-A-Salt Lawn & Garden version has the power to splatter its targets, it is recommended for outdoor use only. Accuracy range: 3ft. Dimensions: 21in.L x 7in.W x 3in.H. For ages 18+.

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Item# 54483

This Skypaper PPL-1 blasts 3 paper planes off at once, reeling them up to 100ft. into the wide blue yonder. Operation of this luxury launcher is as easy as "ready, set, soar!" It features a fast-action trigger, an aerial wing guard, and a multi-launcher gauge. 24 DIY graphic planes (20 gliders and 4 stunt designs) come with this amazing device, so you'll be ready for takeoff in no time. Includes directions for downloading, designing and building a huge variety of planes. Uses 4 AAA batteries (not included). Ages 8+. Let the flying begin!

Only $24.99
Item# 27602

If you ever clipped playing cards to your bike frame to make it sound like a motorcycle when you were a kid, you'll immediately understand what makes the Turbospoke so much fun. Forget the clothespins and the 7 of Clubs — you get 3 specially designed replaceable cards that flick in the spokes of the bike. The sound is then channeled through the chromed acoustic chamber to create a GROWL people will notice. And the faster the rider pedals, the more impressive the sound gets. Besides the added noise, a red reflector on the end of the cylinder gives a visual cue to drivers and pedestrians of the presence of your child. Includes acoustic exhaust cylinder, reflector cap, clamp, Turbospoke custom decals and 3 replaceable Turbospoke cards. Ages 6+; fits bikes with 16in. dia. or larger wheels.

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Item# 51744

This Intex inflatable chair/twin bed transforms from a high seat to inspire lofty thoughts by day to an ultra-comfortable twin bed for distinguished dreams by night. Perfect for someone in need of attitudinal elevation, this chair/bed is ideally suited to the rest of us, too. It features a waterproof-flocked surface for slip-prevention and easy cleaning and a vinyl bottom for durability. The 2-in-1 valve with extra-wide openings works with the quick-fill pump (Item# 51203, sold separately) to inflate this chair/twin bed in record time. Perfect for an overnight guest in your home, dorm room or efficiency apartment, this multipurpose chair/twin bed delivers go-to convenience that's hard to beat. When it's not in use, it can be folded quickly and compactly for storage or travel. Fully extended dimensions: 87in.L x 42in.W x 26in.H. Folded dimensions: 42"L x 42"W x 26"H seat. Weight capacity: 220 lbs.

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Item# 54489

This Slackers Sky Board is designed to take leave of the ground, allowing a kid to bounce, jump, spin and soar to his or her heart's content. This sky-bound ride features twin handles with grips designed for tricks, a black inflatable elastic rubber ball with a plastic/metal bungee cord designed to bounce easily, and a Grip Tape surface to help a rider stay aboard during high flyin' tricks. 20in.L x 4in.W x 10in.H. Includes inflation pin to help prevent air leakage as you inflate the ball. Ages 8+. Weight capacity: 150 lbs.

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Item# 52799

The SkyRider palm-sized drone is a perfect antidote to a household that's a tad too peaceful or a daily routine that's become monotonous. There's nothing like this 6-axis little beast to deliver you from Dullsville. You'll be thrilled to zoom this bantam bird around the house, flip it 360° and perform other high flyin' tricks. And Sparky will love to chase it, bark at it and try to retrieve it for you. LED navigation lights allow night flyin', too, so the fun's never done. Perfect for beginners, this little copter features 3 speeds, 65ft. of control distance, a 2.4 GHz remote control and 4-channel direction control. Operates on 2 AAA batteries (not included). Includes a USB charging cable and 4 replacement rotors. Ages 14+. 3.15in.L x 3.15in.W x 1.8in.H.

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Item# 54499

This Stanley Classic Vacuum 24-oz. stein in heavy-duty stainless steel with a latching lid and vacuum tight insulation keeps liquids just the temperature you like for up to 5 hours. Perfect for taking coffee or soup to work, beer on a fishing trip or lemonade to a picnic, this valiant, double-walled vessel is made to last a lifetime. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, this super stein makes an excellent gift for yourself or a friend on the go.

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Total Products: 36