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Customizable MP3 Doorbell with 90MB Internal Memory
Item# 27859

No reason to settle for a chime or unpleasant buzzing noise when someone is at the door — this MP3 wireless door chime lets you choose any song or sound you can imagine. It includes 90MB of internal memory that allows you to play any song you'd like with crystal clear playback. The easy-to-use editing software (included) lets you adjust your songs into an alert. Whether you want "Welcome to the Jungle" or a soothing chorus of "Our House," the only limit is your imagination. Want to switch your chime to the "Monster Mash" at Halloween, or "Jingle Bells" during the holidays? Sure you can. Easy wireless installation; requires 3 AA batteries (not included). The unit can also be used as a portable MP3 player with the built-in speaker.

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Mantel Clock with Hidden Gun Compartment
Item# 27092

It's one thing to know what time it is, but it's quite another to be ready to protect yourself when the time comes. That's where this clever hidden gun clock comes in. The style suggests a classic mantel clock complete with an elegant face and Roman numerals, but beyond the facade is a hidden compartment spacious enough to hold a large gun or other valuables. The clock features a magnetic latch and hinged front panel that effectively disguises the deeper meaning of this timepiece. Clock uses 2 AA batteries (included); overall dimensions are 9.5in.W x 6.25in.D x 13.25in.H.

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Deluxe Emergency Prep Kit Gives You More Control
Item# 29440

During an emergency, here's something that could prove priceless to you and your loved ones. A deluxe emergency prep kit you can use to take precaution against the unexpected. Comprehensive enough to serve you in a variety of disasters, day or night, this kit is fully loaded with critical devices. Includes 2 portable lanterns; a portable propane stove; 2 tarps: 5-ft. x 7-ft. and 10-ft. x 12-ft.; emergency poncho, blanket, sleeping bag; water packs, a water purification kit, 5-gallon collapsible water jug; food bars; first aid kit; orange safety vest; signal whistle; candles; angle head flashlight; camp soap; waterproof matches; fire starter sticks; emergency light sticks; 50-ft. rope; 30-in. x 14-in. cargo bag; 11-function knife; folding hand saw; 6-in-1 survival multipurpose tool; and toilet bags. Take precaution for you and your family today.

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650,000 Volt PSP Stun Gun iPhone Case
Item# 37237

Now you can protect your phone from damage and, more importantly, yourself from potential attackers with this nifty Yellow Jacket stun gun. It combines a case that fits your iPhone 4/4S with an integrated device that delivers an impressive 650,000 Volts to fend off a would-be bad guy. Best of all, you can deploy it in less than two seconds, considerably faster than the time it takes to fish out a stun gun from your pocket or bag. Check your state and local laws in regard to possession and/or use of stun guns before ordering.

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Strike Spike 3-Pk. — For Protection in a Pinch
Item# 37236

Attach this Strike Spike 3-pk. to the back strap of your cap, so if you're confronted with an imminent attack, you can raise your arms to protect your face, grab your cap by the bill and strike your attacker. Strikers can also be attached to wristband and used directly as you raise your arms. Constructed of aluminum with ultra sharp spikes.

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Medique 4-Shelf First Aid Cabinet — 1,111-Pc. Set
Item# 22710

The Medique 4-Shelf First Aid Cabinet contains a large assortment of first aid products, including adhesive bandages, dressings, eye care products, antiseptics, employee comfort items and much more, 1,111 pieces in all. Perfect for medium to large industrial work settings. The cabinet features heavy-duty steel construction and a carry handle for easy transportation. Convenient door pouches allow for storage of smaller items. It can be mounted on wall to save counter space; meets ANSI Z308.1. Overall dimensions are 21 1/8in. x 15 1/8in. x 5 1/8in. U.S.A.

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Elite Forces Paracord Monkey Fist
Item# 39576

The paracord monkey fist, often used for self-protection by sailors in the 1800s, is still used today. A heavy-duty paracord wrapped around a steel ball center, this fist can ward off a would-be attacker. The loop handle allows versatility. 8in.L x 2.70in.W x 1in.H. Steel ball: 1/4in. dia.

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United Defense Brush/Knife
Item# 39571

An easily concealed, discreet personal defense weapon, this clever brush/knife could scare away a bad guy. It looks like an ordinary hairbrush, but the handle is actually an effective dagger of super tough ABS, nylon and fiberglass composite. 9 1/2in.L x 2"in.W x 1in.H.

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Swipe to Shine LED Flashlight — Thumb Technology
Item# 44152

Small but mighty, this INOVA Microlight is compact, convenient and impressively powerful. It features a durable water-resistant casing that fits in your hand, delivering an impressive 16 Lumens. And since it activates with quick right-to-left swipe of the thumb, you won’t need to fumble around with a switch. The variable light provide dimming, low, high and flash modes, making it a great choice for everything from reading maps to sending alert signals. And with a convenient stainless steel carabiner it clips to key chains, belt loops, backpack straps and more, and at only 3.18in. x 1.09in. x 0.43in., it goes anywhere with ease. Includes carabiner and replaceable lithium batteries.

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Submersible Handcrank/Solar LED Flashlight — Deeply Useful
Item# 44140

Flashlights are handy but dealing with batteries and burned-out bulbs is a hassle, so this handcrank LED flashlight is a great solution. You can power the dynamo inside the unit with the handcrank or integrated solar panel, and the three high-powered LEDs will last for thousands of hours. It’s also totally waterproof and works at a depth of up to 45 feet. With a flash mode, it’s also a great choice for emergencies.

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Work Tunes AM/FM Radio and Hearing Protector
Item# 1746366

Maybe you love the drone of the vacuum or the hum of your favorite power tool, but for most people it's just noise. Substitute the noise of the lawn mower or snow blower with your favorite music. Handsfree Voice Assist guides you to your favorite radio stations and helps program new ones — up to 50 total! Features simple button design controls, excellent sound quality, bass boost and improved reception. Upgraded technology and programming enables use even in other countries. Ear muff hearing protector provides noise reduction rating of 24dB. Adjustable stainless steel headband and soft, comfortable gel ear cushions. Battery low indicator. Enlarged center knob for easy operation. Recessed MP3 and two-way radio jack. Auto shutoff. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

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Shoulder Dolly Lifting System
Item# 143050

You can't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you can schlep that dresser and make the load (up to 800 lbs.) feel lighter with the Shoulder Dolly Light Duty system. The system uses webbed harnesses to let you and a partner lift with the larger shoulder and leg muscles, greatly reducing back, hand and arm strain when moving appliances, dressers, big-screen TVs and other bulky items. Tension buckles allow nearly unlimited adjustments for a wide variety of lifting situations. Includes 2 harnesses and one 12ft.L x 5in.W webbing.

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3-Story Escape Ladder
Item# 55117

Here’s a product we hope you never have to use, but one that you definitely should have. The Kidde 25-foot escape ladder helps you escape fires or other emergencies and is essential safety equipment if you live in a two- or three-story home. This durable ladder stores conveniently under the bed or near a window and deploys quickly and easily. It will support a maximum weight of 1000 pounds when the load is distributed on more than one rung, while the maximum weight for each rung is 750 pounds. The metal rung steps prevent slippage to ensure a safe climb down, and its tangle-free design makes for easy packing and repacking. Fits in any window that is over 16in.W and less than 11in. deep; no assembly or tools are required. U.S.A.

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Roof Rake Protects Your Property
Item# 150854

The snow and ice are coming and sometimes they stay a while, which makes this roof rake a must. It prevents the build-up of freezing and thawing ice that can damage inside walls and ceilings of your property. The rake features a rugged 22in. x 5 1/2in. aluminum blade that is easy to use and withstands temperatures down to -50°F. The 3-section lock-together handle reaches up to 16 feet. If you need even more reach, a 4-ft. handle extension (#150855) is available. Do not use near electrical wires or transformers. U.S.A.

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All-Hazard NOAA Weather Radio
Item# 162203

The weather can turn ugly in a hurry so a NOAA weather radio is a tool you should have, but some radios will warn you about weather taking place hundreds of miles away. Not this one. This radio features All-Hazards Alert as well as S.A.M.E. (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology, allowing you to limit broadcast warnings to your immediate area. It's also an AM/FM clock radio with 23 programmable counties, alert "over-ride," modifiable alert list, continuous backlighting option, event expiration indication, 7 NOAA channels, user selectable warning system, 90dB alert siren, LED alert level indicators and emergency battery backup.

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1/4 Mile Hand Crank Plastic Siren
Item# 550801

People respond to the sound of a siren. Now you can get someone's attention in a hurry with this hand crank siren. It may look small but don't be fooled — this powerful tool emits a 110dB signal that is audible up to 1/4 mile away, making it a great choice for schools, golf courses or calling in the cowboys for chow time. Manual operation; doesn’t require electricity to operate. Made of plastic. 5 3/4in.L x 5in.W x 5 3/8in.D; includes handle and carrying case. Item is factory shipped.

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13-Ft. Escape Ladder
Item# 55106

When it’s a matter of life or death, this 13-ft. escape ladder is the one you want. Simply hook the brackets over the windowsill, hang the ladder outside and make your escape! The ladder features 3 sets of stand-offs that hold the ladder away from the wall for easy footing and descent. Nylon straps and metal rungs holds up to 700 lbs.

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Master Lock Set Your Own Password Plus Combo Lock
Item# 971816

Since it's good to have options, this Set Your Own Password Plus™ combo lock lets you pick your own combination using letters, numbers and symbols. With 2 1/2in.W strong metal construction and a hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance, you'll have the lock you need to keep the bad guys at bay. In Red, Blue, Black, or White; we will choose color for you. Limited lifetime warranty.

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Forklift Straps — 600-Lb. Capacity
Item# 14305

Now you can lift heavy or awkward items with much less effort! Designed to encourage proper lifting techniques and prevent painful back injuries. Straps are adjustable up to 48in. in length and rated for items weighing up to 600 lbs. Overall length of straps is 9ft. 4in. Move appliances, furniture, mattresses and oversize boxes quicker, safer and easier.

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Motion Sensor
Item# 164284

This motion sensor protects your home by detecting movement inside house, or use it to monitor your front or back yard and driveway, too. Monitors an area up to 40 feet by an arc of 110°. Works with Skylink security system, Item# 164287. Low battery indicator. FCC/IC approved. Easy to set up with mounting bracket. Includes 9V battery.

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Deluxe Security System with Emergency Dialer
Item# 164287

You'll feel more secure with this comprehensive wireless security system that can be installed in minutes. It's designed for a medium-sized house and can be expanded for businesses, offices and more. Rolling code technology for more security and fewer false alarms. Emergency dialer acts as monitoring center without costly monthly charges. Control panel can control up to 30 different sensors (sold separately). When triggered, a siren will sound and a signal will be sent to wireless dialer to call up to 9 preprogrammed phone or pager numbers and play prerecorded message. The easy-to-install kit includes control panel, motion sensor, 2 door/window sensors, keychain transmitter, emergency dialer, 2 AC adapters, batteries and phone line.

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Door/Window Sensor for Security System
Item# 164292

Works with Skylink security system, Item# 164287. Add to your system with this sensor, which protects doors and windows by sending signal to control panel or emergency dialer (sold separately) when contact is broken. Up to 100-ft. range. Includes battery.

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Mesa Gun Safe — 14 Gun Capacity, 7.9 Cu. Ft., Electronic Lock, Model# MBF5922E
Item# 178108

It is important to take the proper safety measures to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you while using and storing firearms. With so much at stake, the obvious choice is the right choice; made with all steel construction, the Mesa Gun Safe line will protect your guns, and keep accidents from terrorizing your life. 14-gun capacity. Fully adjustable shelves. Hammered Gray finish.

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Top Notch Pet Gate
Item# 375219

You want your buddy around but if you have a special place, like the kitchen or home office, that you’d prefer that Fido not visit, this Top Notch pet gate is just the thing. This tough and dependable gate is easy to use and requires no assembly or tools. Place the gate where you want it and expand in the opening to the desired distance, then press down on the locking bar for a pressure mounted, secure fit. It includes a "memory lock" feature that automatically retains the locking position. You can also use the Top Notch gate as a way to protect your toddlers, especially in stairwells 23in.H and fits openings from 28in.–41in.W. Heavy-duty plastic construction; U.S.A.

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